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Rod Stewart - Sean Connery - Peter Sutcliffe
Bonnie Tyler - Watership Down - Conor Oberst
Barack Obama - Nicole Scherzinger - Bette Midler
Death Cab for Cutie - Aqualung - Funeral for a Friend
Iain Banks - Harry Truman - JK Rowling
Lord Voldemort - Tyco Brahe - My dog
Raith Rovers - Aston Villa - Newcastle United
Keanu Reeves - Chinook Helicopter - Pagani Zonda
Weckewerk - Knackwurst - Pinkel
Thomas - Judas - Laodiceans
Eric Morecambe - Stephen Fry - Tony Benn
The Space Cowboy - Gangster of Love - Maurice
Bucephelus - Marengo - Copenhagen
Wellesley - Dartmouth - Brown
Jesus - Mary Magdalen - Isaac Wolfson
The Fondas - The Houstons - The Cohens
Viking - Sole - Bailey
Angola - Mozambique - Brazil
John - Gregory - Adrian
Henry Campbell Bannerman - Tony Blair - Ramsay McDonald
Futura - Teletype - Zurich
Richard Wagner - Alfred Hitchcock - Hideo Nakata
Billy Corgan - Halloween - Cinderella
Fruit Fly - Rhesus Monkey - Dog - Mouse
Afghanistan - Belarus - Bolivia
Jeremy Beadle - Douglas Adams - Karl Marx
Milla Jovovich (actress) - Nikolai Gogol (novelist) - Nikita Khruschev (Soviet Premier)
George Eliot - George Sands - Carson McCullers
Hannah Montana - Ancient Persia
Joseph Conrad - Vladimir Nabakov - Arthur Koestler
Acer (computers) - HTC (phones) - Yulon (cars)
Blind Faith - Derek and the Dominoes - John Mayall's Bluesbreakers
Neanderthal - Dollars - State of Wyoming
Cumberland sausage - Welsh Lamb - Plymouth Gin
The Earl of Oxford - Elizabeth I - Francis Bacon

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