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Forced Order
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KingThe King
SirMorgausse's first lover
SirSir Pellinor's Eldest Son
KingKing of Benwick
SirKing Arthur's Marshall
SirOne Seeker of the Grail
SirRebelled then later supported the King
JesterCourt Jester
SirSir Pellinor's middle child
SirThe King's Uncle
LadyGalahad's mother, with Lancelot
SirPurest of Knights and seeker of the grail
SirDefeater of the Black Knight
SirFights the Green Knight
SirKing of Dumnonia
QueenThe Queen
SirLancelot's brother
QueenThe King's mother
LadyTristam's wife
SirSeneschal to Arthur
SirOther lover of Morgausse
SirThe King's best friend
SirLancelot's half brother
 The Wizard
SirArthur's illegitimate son
LadySorceress and Arthur's half sister
LadyArthur's other half sister
LadyThe Lady of the Lake
SirThe Saracen Knight
KingThe Guardian of the Grail
SirKnight of the bridge, later friend to Arthur
SirThird seeker of the Grail
SirIsuelt's husband from Cornwall
KingThe King's Father
SirUrien's son, Knight of the Lion

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