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Can you name the Metroid Prime Bosses?

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Prime: fought on Frigate Orpheon
Prime: beat for Missle Launcher
Prime: bigger version of Beetle
Prime: flame-throwing machine
Prime: huge plant fought in Sunchamber
Prime: grown-up Phendrana Drifts creature
Prime: rock boss
Prime: Space Pirate Elite experiment
Prime: Samus' nemesis reborn
Prime: namesake
Echoes: pack leader of Splinters
Echoes: Sandigger with Morph Ball Bombs
Echoes: Ing Warrior with Space Jump Boots
Echoes: huge wormlike trio- rhymes with enormous
Echoes: Ing Warrior with Boost Ball
Echoes: Blogg pack leader
Echoes: Grenchler with Grapple Beam
Echoes: insect boss- fought in larval stage first
Echoes: Pillbug with Spider Ball
Echoes: Sporb with Power Bombs
Echoes: drone fought in Morph Ball mode
Echoes: large quadruped robot
Echoes: biggest baddest Ing
Echoes: Samus duplicate
Corruption: large Space Pirate
Corruption: Samus' nemesis reborn (again)
Corruption: Phrygian ice hunter
Corruption: Space Pirate mount
Corruption: Bryyonian war golem
Corruption: Steambot mechanic
Corruption: Elysian drone
Corruption: cyborg hunter
Corruption: boss with lots of Swarmbots
Corruption: shapeshifting hunter
Corruption: Space Pirate cannon
Corruption: Samus' nemesis reborn and Phazon-infused
Corruption: large tentacled Metroid
Corruption: Samus duplicate
Corruption: kidnapped Aurora Unit

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