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Can you name the Doctor Who Companion by First and Last Episode?

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First EpisodeCompanionLast Episode
Doctor Who: The MovieDoctor Who: The Movie
The Daleks' Master PlanThe Daleks' Master Plan
The Invisible EnemyWarrior's Gate*
The Ribos OperationWarrior's Gate
Planet of FireMindwarp
Smith and JonesLast of the Time Lords*
Terror of the VervoidsDragonfire
The Eleventh HourThe Angels Take Manhattan
The End of Time*The End of Time
An Unearthly ChildThe Dalek Invasion of Earth*
LogopolisResurrection of the Daleks
An Unearthly ChildThe Chase
The ArkThe War Machines
The Empty ChildParting of the Ways*
School Reunion*The Age of Steel*
RobotTerror of the Zygons*
The RescueThe Myth Makers
The HighlandersThe War Games*
First EpisodeCompanionLast Episode
Spearhead From SpaceInferno
The Big Bang*The Angels Take Manhattan
The Wheel in SpaceThe War Games
Terror of the AutonsThe Green Death*
The ChaseThe Savages
The Time WarriorThe Hand of Fear*
Partners in Crime*Journey's End*
Mawdryn UndeadPlanet of Fire
The Evil of the DaleksFury From the Deep
The War MachinesThe Faceless Ones
The Face of EvilThe Invasion of Time
The Myth MakersThe Daleks' Master Plan
The King's DemonsPlanet of Fire
Full CircleEarthshock
The Keeper of TrakenTerminus

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