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What is Scary Terry's catchphrase?'You can run, but you can't hide ___'
The Sigerian Scammers are trying to get the secret formula to....?A fuel Rick invented for accelerated space travel
According to the Mr. Meeseeks, which is it that Jerry needs to improve his golf game: square his shoulders or keep his head down?It's ____!
Would you like to ride the ____ ____?'Dr. Xenon Bloom
'What was it like to give Morty a bath?'Loves African dream pop and horses
In the pilot episode, Rick had Morty shove these way up his butthole to pass through customsCaused momentary genius and 72 hour loss of motor function
This is what plays on Jerry's car radio in the simulation'Hmmm, ____ ____....I like it!'
What is it that Rick uses to travel between dimensions and universesConstantly running out of battery or getting destroyed
What oven-less food does Doofus Rick create with Jerry in the garage?Just pick a random baked good
There is an overflowing cardboard box in the box labeled '______ _______ stuff'C'mon, you see it almost every episode, think alliteration
What restaurant is home to Rick in his memory when he is being interrogated by the Galactic FederationGreat place to eat pancakes and drink offee
'You don't KNOW me'Mr. Goldenfold's inception dreamscape heroine
Rick is dissecting this animal when he realizes he is in a simulation'TH-th-this is just sloppy craftmanship'
What word is like the N-word and the C-word had a baby and it was raised by all the bad words for jewsYou're lucky a Triflorkian doesn't hear you say that
Rick is taken to the Citadel of Ricks to speak to the _______ of RicksAn alliance of powerful Ricks
What is the name of the homeless man that Rick originally builds Anatomy Park in?'*burp* ....ermmPearl Harbor'
What animal did Rick extract oxytocin from to make the first 'love potion' for Morty?Before praying mantis
What is the name of Jerry's parents' lover?'The food goes in your mouth, girl'
In Rixty Minutes, these people have an animal appendage that allows them to have sex with both men and womenDenny and the Dennysingers don't want them to get married
Rick's 1 year anniversary of re-entering into the lives of his family coincides with he birthday of this influential activist/ministerHe had a dream
Morty's love interest in Anatomy ParkShe studied under Xenon Bloom and wanted to continue his work
After adding more and more insect and animal DNA, Rick ultimately created a world full of......Starts with a 'C', weird spelling
At the end of Anatomy Park, who does Rick start building his second park inside?Summer's boyfriend who couldn't handle her tech-free 'human holiday'
The name of the Zigerian Scammer tasked with looking at Morty's genitals to craft them for the simulation'I think we should make ______ look'
Clones from another reality possessed by ______ _______ that are inhabiting the bodies of Rick and Morty's family'Good job Morty, these _____ alien _____ are really valuable!'
Where is Beth from?in the state of Michigan, 'Somewhere along the way, I lost that wide-eyed girl from _______'
Principal Vagina's first nameVagina is Scandinavian
When tasked with protecting Summer, Rick's car brokers a peace agreement between the government and this giant species of telepathic _____?They even change the ice cream for them
The name of the tavern built into the side of the giant stairsWhere Mr. Jellybean goes after Morty in the bathroom
What complimentary James Cameron inspired food is offered after the Titanic replica doesn't sink? Starts with 'James Camer-_____ _____'
The one difference between Jerry's original Meeseeks and all the newer ones is that the oldest one has ____ _____ on his body because he is so oldSmall dark areas on the skin
What famous actress does Jerry admit to hating sleeping with in his alternate timeline where he is also famousThink 'Coach Feratu'
To celebrate Rick being back in the family's lives, Beth makes her dad special _____ _____ shaped pancakesBut regular shaped pancakes are fine
Rick is wanted by the ______ _______ __________ISF
The woman who tries to rape Jerry on the replica Titanic'then you're going to **** me in that car over there'
Rick, Morty, and Summer freeze time for how many months?under ten
In season 3, the name Morty calls his sentient, muscle-memory armKinda like Timothy
Summer's post-apocalyptic love interest who wear the bucket on his headAn escape of blood from a ruptured vessel
When confronted by a wolf, Jerry has the opportunity to feed it either a snack or his ________ ________'*wind whispers* loooooser'
Family therapist in season 3 who also specializes in aiding people who eat their own poop'By the way, racist name'
Man coerced to try to kill Pickle Rick to save his daughter, KatharinaNimble like a jungle cat
'Isotope _____, this stuff is so powerful Morty, it makes Isoptope 465 look like Isoptope 317''That is our glowing rock, we carry it with us to remind us there are no gods'
Name of the Smith family robot butler that feeds them their pillsIt starts with a C, google says it's an Irish surname
'Look at these dead ______! Maybe if we arrange them in order, it plays a hologram or open a secret door!''What the ****! Not cool Jerry, a man's garage is his castle'
The name of Rick's wife, Beth's momAccording to S3E1

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