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Forced Order
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ActorCharacterDebut Film
Benedict CumberbatchDoctor Strange
Tida SwintonDoctor Strange
Hope DavisCaptain America: Civil War
Djimon HounsouGuardians of the Galaxy
Marisa TomeiCaptain America: Civil War
Michael KeatonSpider-Man: Homecoming
James SpaderAvengers: Age of Ultron
Robert RedfordCaptain America: The Winter Soldier
Laura HaddockGuardians of the Galaxy*
Daniel KaluuyaBlack Panther
Taika WaititiThor: Ragnarok
Ty BurrellThe Incredible Hulk
Brie LarsonCaptain Marvel
Zoe SaldanaGuardians of the Galaxy
Sam RockwellIron Man 2
Ray StevensonThor
Michael RookerGuardians of the Galaxy
Michelle YeohGuardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
Tommy Lee JonesCaptain America: The First Avenger
Lee PaceGuardians of the Galaxy
Miley CyrusGuardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
Tim Blake NelsonThe Incredible Hulk
John KaniCaptain America: Civil War
Aaron Taylor-JohnsonCaptain America: The Winter Soldier
Tessa ThompsonThor: Ragnarok
Hayley LovittAnt-Man
Andy SerkisAvengers: Age of Ultron
William HurtThe Incredible Hulk
Donald GloverSpider-Man: Homecoming
Dave BautistaGuardians of the Galaxy
Rebecca HallIron Man 3
Forest WhitakerBlack Panther
Ben KingsleyIron Man 3
Claudia KimAvengers: Age of Ultron
Don CheadleIron Man 2
Ty SimpkinsIron Man 3
Paul BettanyIron Man
Pom KlementieffGuardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
Michael StuhlbargDoctor Strange
Liv TylerThe Incredible Hulk
Kurt RussellGuardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
Laurence FishburneAnt-Man & the Wasp
Chadwick BosemanCaptain America: Civil War
Hugo WeavingCaptain America: The First Avenger
Winston DukeBlack Panther
Jeremy RennerThor
Chris EvansCaptain America: The First Avenger
Tony RevoloriSpider-Man: Homecoming
Tom HiddlestonThor
Seth GreenGuardians of the Galaxy
ActorCharacterDebut Film
Adewale Akinnuoye-AgbajeThor: The Dark World
Michael ChernusSpider-Man: Homecoming
Hayley AtwellCaptain America: The First Avenger
Edward NortonThe Incredible Hulk
Elizabeth DebickiGuardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
Michael PenaAnt-Man
Shaun ToubIron Man
Mark RuffaloThe Avengers
Cobie SmuldersThe Avengers
Zachary LeviThor: The Dark World
Jonathan HowardThor: The Dark World
Sebastian StanCaptain America: The First Avenger
Jaimie AlexanderThor
Dominic CooperCaptain America: The First Avenger
Abby Ryder FortsonAnt-Man
Leslie BibbIron Man
Evangeline LillyAnt-Man
Richard ArmitageCaptain America: The First Avenger
Stellan SkarsgardThor
Tadanbou AsanoThor
Garry ShandlingIron Man 2
Jeff BridgesIron Man
Michael DouglasAnt-Man
Vin DieselGuardians of the Galaxy
Sylvester StalloneGuardains of the Galaxy Vol. 2
Laura HarrierSpider-Man: Homecoming
Michael RosenbaumGuardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
Glenn CloseGuardians of the Galaxy
Michelle PfiefferAnt-Man & the Wasp
ZendayaSpider-Man: Homecoming
Guy PearceIron Man 3
John C. ReillyGuardians of the Galaxy
Tim RothThe Incredible Hulk
Benedict WongDoctor Strange
Benjamin BrattDoctor Strange
Bobby CannalaveAnt-Man
Kat DenningsThor
William SadlerIron Man 3
Michael B. JordanBlack Panther
Rachel McAdamsDoctor Strange
Samuel L. JacksonIron Man
James Badge DaleIron Man 3
Karl UrbanThor: Ragnarok
Rene RussoThor
Idris ElbaThor
Maximilliano HernandezThor
Lupita Nyong'oBlack Panther
Lou FerrignoThe Incredible Hulk
Mickey RourkeIron Man 2
ActorCharacterDebut Film
Cate BlanchettThor: Ragnarok
Letita WrightBlack Panther
Chris PrattGuardians of the Galaxy
Colm FeoreThor
Karen GillanGuardians of the Galaxy
Stephanie SzostakIron Man 3
Clancy BrownThor: Ragnarok
Toby JonesCaptain America: The First Avenger
Christopher EcclestonThor: The Dark World
Terrence HowardIron Man
Anthony MackieCaptain America: The Winter Soldier
Sean GunnGuardians of the Galaxy
Alexis DenisofThe Avengers
Hannah John-KamenAnt-Man & the Wasp
Joshua DallasThor
Neal McDonoughCaptain America: The First Avenger
Scarlett JohanssonIron Man 2
John SlatteryIron Man 2
Natalie PortmanThor
Josh BrolinGuardians of the Galaxy
Corey StollAnt-Man
Danai GuriraBlack Panther
Chiwetel EjioforDoctor Strange
Stan LeeIron Man
Michael MandoSpider-Man: Homecoming
Anthony HopkinsThor
Benicio del ToroThor: The Dark World
Chris SullivanGuardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
Bradley CoooperGuardians of the Galaxy
Mads MikkelsenDoctor Strange
Frank GrilloCaptain America: The Winter Soldier
Robert Downey Jr.Iron Man
Ving RhamesGuardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
Gwyneth PaltrowIron Man
Judy GreerAnt-Man
Stanley TucciCaptain America: The First Avenger
Martin FreemanCaptain America: Civil War
Daniel BruhlCaptain America: Civil War
Chris HemsworthThor
Tom HollandCaptain America: Civil War
Jeff GoldblumGuardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
Emily VanCampCaptain America: The Winter Soldier
David DastmalchianAnt-Man
Paul RuddAnt-Man
Elizabeth OlsenCaptain America: The Winter Soldier
Jacob BatalonSpider-Man: Homecoming
Jon FavreauIron Man
Thomas KretschmannCaptain America: The Winter Soldier
Bokeem WoodbineSpider-Man: Homecoming
Clark GreggIron Man

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