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APig-like mammal, ''Anteater''
BA crested blue bird
CColor-Changing Lizard
DThe ''Daddy'' of all spiders
EAn insect named for its earlike wings
FA sly canine
GA lizard named for what its call sounds like
HOne of the most dangerous mammals, but you wouldn't expect it
IThe most endangered feline
JA rabbit with antlers
KA marsupial found only in Australia
LA blood-sucking water-dwelling animal
MAlso known as a 'Sea Cow'
NIts eyes are used by the witches in Macbeth
OIt has eight arms, but no legs
PA bird with a large, bright, fan-shaped tail
QA cat sized marsupial
RA rodent commonly found in sewers
SIf you cut off one of its arms, it will grow into a new one of these
TA very young frog
UA spiny sea-dweller
VA scavenger bird
WA destructive beetle with a snout
XA mexican hummingbird found mostly in baja california
YA species of terrier
ZAn ox with a humped back

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