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In a vulgarity-riddled tirade, one man, standing, tells three other men, seated, that they will lose their jobs unless they perform better.
A man talks to himself in a bathroom mirror. In another room, a woman goes through his coat.
A man climbs up a ladder and looks up.... to see a frog land directly on his face.
A woman shouts vulgarities at a man while going around the room and collecting every pen/pencil in sight.
Tight shot on several candles beside a bathtub. As the offscreen fornication intensifies, water splashes out most of the candles.
At breakfast, a man offers a woman a tray of cornbread. She angrily slaps the tray away, and it rattles on the floor.
Pulling up to the window of a drive-thru restaurant, a woman is shocked to see her husband working there.
A man tosses a date up in to the air. But before it lands in his mouth, another man reaches out and grabs it.
A man and a woman stand in line for a movie, painfully enduring the incessant blathering of the couple behind them.
A man and a woman make eyes at one another at a bar. When we cut back to the woman, she has been replaced with a white bunny.
The co-pilot of a plane violently grabs the shirt of a little boy.
A waitress is frantically trying to figure out her tables' orders. From the adjacent booth, a young boy dumps a scoop of ice cream in her apron.
After seeing a pouch of jewels, a man joyously tears up a series of contracts on the beach.
A man stops at a red light. He reaches over, opens the passenger door, and pushes out the television that had been in the shotgun seat.

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