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QUIZ: Can you identify Margaret Thatcher's political 'Wets' and 'Dries'?

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Notable parliamentary wetKnown as the 'Demon Barber', he Introduced Value Added Tax (VAT) in 1973 and famously, perhaps erronously, floated the Pound.
Notable parliamentary wetOriginally seen as a dry and strong Euroskeptic, he famously likened Thatcher to Stalin after his sacking in 1987.
Notable parliamentary dryNicknamed the 'Minister for Flogging' after his stance on corporal punishment in schools. Famous for his mutton chop whiskers and strong Lancashire accent.
Notable parliamentary dryThe youngest Home Secretary since Sir Winston Churchill. Resigned over the Westland Affair.
Notable parliamentary dryImplicated in the Cash for Questions scandal, resigned in 1994 after being publicly outed as homosexual.
Notable parliamentary wetOversaw the end of the Rhodesian Bush War, resigned over his complacency and failures regarding the Falkland Islands in 1982.
Notable parliamentary wetAffectionately known as 'Big Beast' and an ardent pro-European Unionist, he is the fifth longest serving cabinet minister..
Notable parliamentary wetWas often used as a media spokesman for the Major government, as it was felt he was approachable and popular.
Notable parliamentary dryCredited with transferring the Stone of Scone/Stone of Destiny, from Westminster Abbey to Edinburgh Castle. Established the University of the Highlands and promoted the Gaelic language.
Notable parliamentary wetVoted to abolish capital punishment and legalise abortion and homosexuality. Famously said that Thatcher's government was 'steering full speed ahead for the rocks'.
Notable parliamentary dryWas the first MP to deliver a speech in the House of Commons with television cameras present. Assassinated by the IRA in 1990, later it was claimed that the CIA was allegedly involved.
Notable parliamentary dryOpposed the banning of leaded petrol, famously told to stay away from the party by William Hague in 1997.
Notable parliamentary wetAsked the first question in Margaret Thatcher's final Prime Minister's Questions on 27 November 1990. Passionate pro-Commonwealth advocate.
Notable parliamentary wetFormer Conservative Prime Minister, where he oversaw the decimalisation of British coinage and reformed local government.
Notable parliamentary wetResponsible for persuading other governments to invest in Concorde, but was accused of misleading the Parliament over the Tracked Hovercraft development programme. Was known as Tarzan after reportedly brandishing a mace toward rowdy labour ministers. Resigned over the Westland Affair. Returned to the Cabinet in 1992.
Notable parliamentary dryA former leader of the Conservative Party after being elected unopposed in 2003. Ann Widdecombe said 'there is something of the night about him', and he was considered to be a Dracula like figure.
Notable parliamentary dryLarge supporter of the British defence industry and armed forces. Alleged to have far right leanings.
Notable parliamentary dryHis resignation speach is widely seen to be the catalyst in Thatcher's downfall.
Notable parliamentary wetIn the Cabinet reshuffle of 1995, it was rumoured that he was offered the position of Deputy Prime Minister, but turned it down. Became chairman of the Press Complaints Commission in 2011.
Notable parliamentary wetA popular and statesmanlike Foreign Secretary, overseeing the end of the Cold War, the Gulf War, and Yugoslavia.
Notable parliamentary wetRemained loyal to Margaret Thatcher despite being a strong critic. Earlier opposed Anthony Eden's invasion of Suez in 1956. He advocated progressive changes to homosexuality laws but opposed abortion on religous grounds.
Notable parliamentary dryFather of chef and public figure Nigella Lawson. Reformed corporate taxes, lowered income tax, and turned a large deficit into a budget surplus, starting the 'Lawson Boom' but could not keep inflation and interest rates low.
Notable parliamentary dryFamously depicted as the commandant at a Nazi concentration camp by the satirical 'Spitting Image' TV show.
Notable parliamentary wetDerided as 'Sir Anthony Whats'isname' by the pro-Thatcher Sun newspaper, who reported that he was the only Conservative MP to oppose the use of force to win back the Falkland Islands in 1982.
Notable parliamentary dryForced to resign in 1983 after the revealing of an affair, and subsequent pregancy and legal case.
Notable parliamentary dryUnexpectedly lost his very safe Enfield Southgate seat at the 1997 election, coining the expession ' _____ moment' and costing him the Conservative leadership election.
Notable parliamentary wetClashed with Thatcher over Trade Unions, and isolated as he was seen by his party to not press far enough with anti-trade union legislation.
Notable parliamentary wetIn 1983 he said 'Landslides don't on the whole produce successful governments', a comment which got him sacked after a Tory landslide victory.
Notable parliamentary dryControversially voted to keep Section 28 and voted to reintroduce capital punishment. Worked to abolish Poll Tax.
Notable parliamentary dryTried to resolve the long-running sovereignty issue with Argentina over the Falkland Islands before the war. Introduced Poll Tax. Forced to resign in 1990 after famously comparing the EU to the Nazi State.
Notable parliamentary wetHeavily criticised when he was Minister for the Disabled, even by his own daughter.
Notable parliamentary dryOften misquoted as having directly told the unemployed to 'get on your bike' after the 1981 Brixton Riots. His Cockney accent was famous.
Notable parliamentary wetThe world's first environment minister, his actions cleaned up the Thames River in London, deemed biologically dead in 1957..
Notable parliamentary wetFamously alleged to have said 'the homeless are what you step over when you come out of the opera'.

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