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Can you name the Wars involving the Kingdom of Great Britain (1707-1801)

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1700 - 1721Tsardom of Russia establishes itself as a new power in Europe. Decline of Swedish Empire.
1701 - 1714Results in Treaty of Utrecht, Britain gains Canada and Gibraltar
1715Jacobite restoration attempt defeated.
1717 - 1720Results in the Treaty of The Hague. Spanish attempt at expansion fails
1721 - 1725Capture of Norridgewock.
1739 – 1748Spanish victory. No boundary changes.
1740 - 1748Results in the Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle.
1745 - 1746Jacobite restoration attempt defeated.
1746 - 1748Inconclusive, Ended by the Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle.
1749 - 1754Results in the Treaty of Pondicherry. Pro-British Mohamed Ali Khan Walajan became Nawab of the Carnatic
1756 - 1763Results in the Treaty of Paris, North American lands (incl. all of Canada) ceded from France, Caribbean colonies ceded from France, Florida ceded from Spain.
1757 - 1763French trading posts in India now administered by Britain, Sumatra ceded from France.
1758 - 1761Pro-British Attakullakulla becomes Cherokee leader
1763 - 1766Stalemate, British suzerainty over First Nation Tribes, Niagara Falls area ceded from Seneca Nation.
1766 - 1769British defeat, Hyderabad cedes territory to Mysore.
1774 - 1783Results in Treaty of Salbai, Salsette Island ceded from Maratha Empire. Territory west of Jumna River ceded to Maratha Empire.
1775 - 1783Results in the Treaty of Paris, 13 British colonies granted independence as the United States.Territory in India returned to France, Minorca ceded to Spain, Florida ceded to Spain.
1780 - 1784Results in the Treaty of Mangalore.
1789 - 1792Half of Mysore territory ceded to East India Company.
1793 - 1797Survival of the French Republic, French annexation of the Austrian Netherlands.
1793 - 1796British-backed rebellion defeated in France.
1795 - 1816Displacement of Aborigines from their land.
1798Rebellion defeated, Results in 1801 Act of Union
1798 - 1799Complete annexation of Mysore by Britain and allies
1799 - 1802Results in the Treaty of Amiens, Britain recognises French Republic, Cape Colony returned to the Batavian Republic. France leaves Papal States.

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