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1936 - 1939Arab Higher Committee revolt suppressed.
1938 - 1948British withdrawal and creation of Israel.
1939 - 1945Total defeat for Axis Powers. British, French, American,and Soviet troops occupy Germany until 1955. Italy and Japan lose all colonies.
1945 - 1949Netherlands recognises Indonesian Independence.
1945 - 1946Britain disarms Japanese soldiers, frees Allied POWs, restores French authority, and fights anti-French forces.
1946 - 1949Britain starts to withdraw from March 1947, US provides support instead, Greek Government overcomes revolt.
1948 - 1960 Communist insurgency defeated.
1950 - 1953 Communist invasion of South Korea defeated but UN invasion of North Korea repulsed.
1951 - 1954Agreement for Britain to withdraw from Canal zone Bases, last British troops left June 1956.
1952 - 1960Mau Mau revolt defeated.
1955 - 1960Cyprus becomes independent.
1956 - 1957Israeli occupation of Sinai, Anglo-French forces withdraw after successful campaign militarily, but a political disaster.
1956 - 1962IRA campaign fails.
1962 - 1966Indonesia recognises Malaysian rule over former North Borneo.
1962 - 1975Insurgency defeated, modernisation of Oman takes place.
1963 - 1967British withdrawal, People's Republic of South Yemen established.
1968 - 1998Results in the Good Friday Agreement, devolution in Northern Ireland and a power-sharing deal.
1982The British decisively defeat Argentina, Argentine Junta collapses and democracy installed.
1982 - 1984Britain, the US, and Italy leave February 1984, the French had left by April 1984.
1990 - 1991Kuwait regains its independence.
1992 - 1996Results in the Dayton Accords/Paris Protocol.
1998Iraqi military infrastructure critcally damaged.
1998 - 1999Kosovo occupied by NATO.
2000 - 2002UK heavily involved for the last 2 years of the war. Defeated the RUF (Revolutionary United Front).
2001 - 2014+Taliban falls, ongoing insurgency.
2003 - 2009British forces largely withdraw in 2009, having completed objectives.
2011Fall of Gaddafi regime.
2014The British contribution in the coalition intervention against IS.

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