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1801 - 1807Northern shore of Sierra Leone ceded by Koya.
1802 - 1805Extensive territory in India ceded by the Maratha Empire.
1803 - 1805Territory captured from Kandy.
1803Rebellion defeated.
1803 - 1805Results in Fourth Peace of Preßburg, French victory with Austria surrendering to France.
1806 - 1807Results in treaties of Tilsit, French victory with parts of Prussia ceded to French allies.
1806 - 1807British invasion of Spanish colonies defeated.
1806 - 1807British Agents intervene in minor skirmish.
1807 - 1809Results in Treaty of the Dardanelles,Turkish victory, action to block French encroachment agreed.
1807 - 1812Results in the Treaty of Örebro, British win all actions, results in French invasion of Russia and a coalition between Britain, Russia and Sweden against France.
1807 - 1814Results in the Treaty of Kiel, seperatation of Denmark and Norway, Heligoland ceded from Denmark.
1807 - 1814Results in the Treaty of Paris, abolition of French Slave Trade, and Swiss independence.
1809Results in the Treaty of Schönbrunn and complete Austrian surrender.
1810 - 1817The Merina gain control of Madagascar from the French.
1811 - 1812Xhosa tribes pushed beyond the Fish River by the British.
1811Tantamkweri ceded to Akwapim tribes.
1812 - 1815Results in the Treaty of Ghent, and military stalemate (although Britain asserted total dominance of the seas).
1815Dissolution of the Kandy royal line, the British monarch is declared King of Kandy.
1815Results in the Treaty of Paris, total French defeat, re-abolition of the slave trade and France forced to pay ₣100,000,000 in compensation.
1817 - 1818Virtually all territory south of the Sutlej River now controlled by Britain.
1818 - 1819Xhosa pushed beyond Keiskama River.
1820 - 1830Kingdom of Greece established.
1823 - 1831British retreat to Sierra Leone
1824 - 1826Results in the Treaty of Yandabo, Britain gains Assam, Manipur, Rakhine, and Taninthayi coast (south of Salween river) from Burmah.
1828 - 1834Defeat and exile of King Miguel.
1833 - 1840Results in the Convention of Vergara, which sucessfully ends fighting in Spain.
1834 - 1836Extensive territorial gains from Xhosa.
1837 - 1838Rebellion defeated, pro-French policy in Québec ended, Lower and Upper Canada merge.
1839 - 1842British retreat, Elphinstone's army destroyed.
1839 - 1842Results in the Treaty of Nanking, five Chinese ports opened to foreign trade, $21,000,000 paid in compensation. Hong Kong Island given to the British.
1839 - 1851British and French withdrawal before the war's conclusion, eventual Colorados victory.
1845 - 1846Results in the Treaty of Lahore, territory ceded from the Sikh Empire.
1845 - 1846Ends in stalemate, but the British claim victory.
1846Ngāti Toa Iwi and the Maori's retreat.
1846 - 1847Territory ceded from Xhosa.
1847Further stalemate with the Maori's, but results in 12 year peace and trade.
1848 - 1849Punjab completely anneded by the East India Company.
1851 - 1853Xhosa-Khoi attacks defeated.
1852 - 1853Lower Burma annexed, Burmese revolution begins.
1853 - 1856Results in the Treaty of Paris and the defeat of the Russian Empire
1856 - 1857American-Nicaraguan government defeated, slavery outlawed.
1856 - 1860Results in the Treaty of Tientsin, Kowloon ceded from China, Peking opened up to trade along with 11 other ports.
1856 - 1857British withdrawl from Persia, Persian retreat from Herat.
1857 - 1858British Raj established.
1860 - 1861Indecisive.
1863 - 1864Stalemate, British forced to withdraw.
1863 - 1866Māori King Movement defeated.
1864 - 1865Bhutan cedes Assam Duars, Bengal Duars and parts of Dewangiri to India.
1867 - 1874Won by Tengku Kudin and Raja Ismail.
1878 - 1879Ngāti Ruanui Iwi withdrawal.
1868Decisive British victory, British hostages freed, War of the Abyssinian Succession begins.
1868 - 1872Last of the wars in New Zealand.
1869Rebellion defeated, results in Manitoba Act and the creation of the Province of Manitoba.
1873 - 1874Results in the Treaty of Fomena, 50,000oz of gold given to Britain, the Ashanti withdraw from coastal areas and are banned from practicing human sacrifice.
1877 - 1878 All Xhosa territory annexed to the Cape Colony
1878 - 1880British victory, various frontier areas ceded to the British, Britain gains control of their Afghan foreign relations.
1879Britain annexes Zululand.
1880 - 1881Results in the Pretoria Convention and Boer Victory, Britain recognises the South African Republic and Orange Free State.
1884 - 1889Britain and Egypt rule over Sudan.
1885Upper Burma ceded to the British Raj.
1888Tibet forced to accept British suzerainty over Sikkim.
1896Pro-British Sultan installed, shortest war in history, 38 minutes.
1899 - 1901Anti-foreign societies banned in China.
1899 - 1902Results in the Treaty of Vereeniging, Boers swear alligence to Britain.
1901 - 1902Aro Confederacy destroyed.
1903 - 1904Border dispute between Sikkim and Tibet resolved.
1914 - 1918Results in the Treaty of Versailles. German demobilisation, the demise of Austria-Hungary, major territorial changes, Russian Civil War..
1918 - 1920Allied withdrawal from Russia, Bolshevik victory over White Army.
1919 - 1923Ottoman Empire ends, Republic of Turkey established.
1919Afghanistan wins full independence.
1919 - 1921Results in the creation of the Irish Free State.
1920Demise of the Dervish State.
1920Britain suppresses the revolt suppressed, greater autonomy given to Iraq, Faysal ibn Husayn installed as King.

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