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Can you name the ships involved in pre-1801 single ship actions?

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Conflict/Date:Ships involved:Notable Captain(s):
Anglo-Spanish War, 1st March 1579:Francis Drake
Golden Age of Piracy, 20th October 1720:Jonathan Barnet & Calico Jack
War of the Austrian Succession, 20th June 1743:George Anson
American Revolutionary War - North Channel Naval Duel, 24th April 1778:John Paul Jones
American Revolutionary War - Action of 14th September 1779: George Montagu
American Revolutionary War - Action of 1st May 1781:George Collier
American Revolutionary War, 6th September 1781:George Geddes & Charles Stirling
American Revolutionary War - Battle of Delaware Bay, 8th April 1782:Joshua Barney
American Revolutionary War - Action of 6th December 1782:Jean-Charles de Borda
American Revolutionary War - Action of 22th January 1783:Thomas Russell & Kergariou-Locmaria
Russo-Swedish War, 21 May 1789:Roman Crown
French Revolutionary Wars - Action of 18th June 1793:Edward Pellew
French Revolutionary Wars, 1st December 1793:Edward Curtis & John Pascoe
French Revolutionary Wars - Frigate action of 29th May 1794:Francis Laforey
French Revolutionary Wars, 4th January 1795:Robert Faulknor
French Revolutionary Wars, 13th March 1795:George Stewart/Lord Garlies
French Revolutionary Wars - Action of 8th June 1796:Thomas Williams
French Revolutionary Wars, 13th March 1797:John Pengelley
French Revolutionary Wars, 22nd December 1797:Robert Barlow
French Revolutionary Wars, 2nd April 1798:Alexander Hood
French Revolutionary Wars, 21st June 1798:John/Jack Skinner
French Revolutionary Wars, 7th August 1798:Loftus Otway Bland
French Revolutionary Wars, 12th December 1798:William Charles Fahie
Quasi-War - Action of 9th February 1799:Thomas Truxtun
French Revolutionary Wars, 18th March 1799:James Andrew Worth
French Revolutionary Wars, 23rd November 1799:Thomas Searle & Felix Sallemand
French Revolutionary Wars, 26th December 1799:John Pengelley & Louis Bouve
Quasi-War - Action of 1st February 1800:Thomas Truxton & Fran├žois Pitot
French Revolutionary Wars, 5th March 1800:Robert Barlow
French Revolutionary Wars, 20th August 1800:David Milne & Fran├žois Pitot
French Revolutionary Wars, 7th October 1800:Robert Surcouf
Quasi-War, 1st October 1800:George Little
Quasi-War, 25th October 1800:John Shaw
French Revolutionary Wars - Action of 19th February 1801:Robert Barlow & Jean-Jacques Magendie
French Revolutionary Wars - Action of 6th May 1801:Thomas Cochrane/Lord Cochrane
First Barbary War - Action of 1st August 1801:Andrew Sterett

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