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Can you name the ships involved with the ill-fated Force Z?

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King George V-class battleship:A brand new warship completed in early 1941, she damaged the Bismarck, fought in the Mediterranean, and took Churchill to Canada before being sunk by Japanese aircraft on 10 December 1941 while part of Force Z.
Renown-class battlecruiser:Entering service in 1916, she fought at the 2nd Battle of Heligoland Bight in 1917, before undergoing two interwar refits and serving in the Spanish Civil War. In WW2 she fought in Norway and hunted the Bismarck before joining Force Z. Sunk by Japanese aircraft on 10 December 1941.
E-class destroyer:A modern destroyer that entered service in 1934, saw service in the Abyssinian crisis and the Spanish Civil War before being refit in Kent and placed in reserve. In WW2, she rescued survivors from Athenia before serving in Norway and helping to hunt the Bismarck. As part of Force Z, she rescued 570 of the 1,000 survivors from the squadrons battlecruiser and continued to fight in the war, eveutally being sunk at the Battle of the Java Sea in 27 February 1942.
E-class destroyer:A new destroyer fitted out as a minelayer, she rescued 2,700 soldiers from Dunkirk and was the last ship to leave. She was heavily damaged in the Texel Disaster and refit as a destroyer. As part of Force Z, she helped rescue 1,000 survivors from the squadrons battleship. In 1943, she was given to the Canadian Navy where she served with distinction until being scrapped in 1955.
E-class destroyer:Another modern destroyer entering service in 1934, she fought at Norway before joining Force H and supporting the Malta Convoys, as part of Force Z, she was damaged on route to Singapore and remained in port. Later, she was sunk in the Second Battle of the Java Sea, 1 March 1942.
J-class destroyer:Brand new destroyer entering service in 1939, prior to joining Force Z, she mainly served in the Mediterranean. On arrival in Singapore, the ship underwent an immediate refit and remained in Singapore. She was sunk 27 February 1942 by a mine laid by Dutch minelayer Gouden Leeuw..
S-class destroyer:Entering service in 1919, she served throughout the interwar period before joining Force Z on 10 December 1941, replacing one of the out of action destroyers on the forces final deployment. She rescued survivors from both capital ships. Sunk 5 April 1942 by Japanese aircraft in Sri Lanka.
V-class destroyer:Entering service in 1917, she served in British waters and the Mediterranean until being transfered to the Australian Navy in 1933. She fought at the Battle of Calabria, Battle of Greece, and at Tobruk before moving to Singapore for repair and refit. She replaced one of the unavailable destroyers in Force Z and rescued 225 of the survivors from the capital ships. She later fought in the Battle off Endau and was later sunk on 9 April 1942 by Japanese aircraft.
Illustrious-class aircraft carrier:Brand new carrier entering service in 1941, she ran aground near Jamaica prior to deployment with Force Z and left behind. Soon back in action, she support operations in Malta and Sicily before moving to the Far East, fighting at Okinawa,and liberating Hong Kong. She was scrapped in 1955.
Unique-aircraft carrier:The worlds first purpose built carrier entering service in 1924, she served mainly in the Mediterranean and China interwar hunting pirates. Until her sinking on 9 April 1942 by Japanese aircraft, she spent much of the war conducting patrols against commerce raiders. After the first choice carrier ran aground, she was considered to replace her, but was deemed to be too slow and Force Z controversially continued without any air cover.

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