History Quiz / Ships involved in the Battle of Minorca (1756)

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Can you name the ships involved in the Battle of Minorca?

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British Fleet
60-gun Third rate, Captain Thomas Andrews 
50-gun Fourth rate, Captain Patrick Baird 
64-gun Third rate, Captain George Edgcumbe, 1st Earl of Mount Edgcumbe 
68-gun Third rate, Rear-Admiral Temple West, Captain Michael Everitt 
64-gun Third rate, Captain Charles Catford 
64-gun Third rate, Captain James Young 
64-gun Third rate, Captain Frederick Cornwall 
60-gun Third rate, Captain Hon. Thomas Noel 
64-gun Third rate, Captain Philip Durell 
90-gun Second rate, Admiral Hon. John Byng, Captain Arthur Gardiner 
74-gun Third rate, Captain Henry Ward 
60-gun Third rate, Captain William Parry 
50-gun Fourth rate, Captain John Amherst 
Attached British Frigates
44-gun Fifth-rate frigate, Captain William Lloyd  
24-gun Sixth-rate frigate, Captain James Gilchrist  
24-gun Sixth-rate frigate, Commander Benjamin Marlow  
24-gun Sixth-rate frigate, Captain Augustus Hervey, 3rd Earl of Bristol 
14-gun Brig-sloop, Commander Jervis Maplesden 
French Fleet
64-gun Third rate, Captain Raimondis 
50-gun Fourth rate, Captain Rochemaure 
74-gun Third rate, Chef d'Escadre Glandeves 
64-gun Third rate, Captain Duruen 
74-gun Third rate, Captain La Brosse 
50-gun Fourth rate, Captain d'Herville 
80-gun Third rate, Admiral Marquis de la Galissonni√®re 
74-gun Third rate, Captain Beaumont 
64-gun Third rate, Captain Sabran 
64-gun Third rate, Captain St. Agnan 
74-gun Third rate, Chef d'Escadre La Clue 
64-gun Third rate, Captain Mercier 
Attached French Frigates
46-gun Frigate, Captain Beausfier 
30-gun Frigate, Captain Costebelle 
30-gun Frigate, Captain Marquizan 
26-gun Frigate, Captain Carne 
26-gun Frigate, Captain Callian 

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