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Can you name the ships involved in the infamous Amethyst Incident?

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Type:Ship (listed chronologically):Involvement in incident:
Modified Black Swan-class sloop/frigate:On her way to Nanking when fired upon by Chinese Communist forces (PLA), later beached, refloated, then put under siege for 3 months. Later escaped down river at night.
C-class destroyer:Guard ship for British Embassy in Nanking, attacked by PLA in Nanking and again when attempting to rescue trapped ship.
County-class heavy cruiser:Royal Navy's only modernised 8' gun crusier, sailed up the Yangste to assist trapped ship, but driven back after a hard artillery duel with the PLA.
Modified Black Swan-class sloop/frigate:Assisted heavy crusier in move up the Yangste, also driven back.
Chinese civilian passenger ship:Passenger ship used (unbeknown to its crew and passengers) as pilot ship by escaping frigate, sunk by PLA gunfire with heavy loss.
C-class destroyer:Entered the Yangtze and proceeded to a pre-agreed point off the Woosung Fort to help escaping ship past Par Shan and Woosung forts.
Crown Colony-class light cruiser:Rendezvoused with escaped frigate and escorted her to Hong Kong.
C-class destroyer:Rendezvoused with escaped frigate and light crusier and escorted them to Hong Kong.

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