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The Oscars were designed by which MGM art director, who would eventually win 11 Oscars himself?
Nearly 3000 Oscars have been presented since the first awards in 1929, which company produces them?
What were Oscars made from throughout the Second World War, when there was a more pressing need for metal?
According to legend, the statues were named after which Academy librarian?
At 234 minutes in length, which winner of the best film Oscar is the longest in history?
Two films hold the record of being nominated for 11 Oscars, yet failing to win a single one, which 1977 film was the first to do so?
Which 1985 film was the second to acquire this unlucky distinction?
What was the first (and arguably only) sequel to win the best picture Oscar?
Only two silent movies have won a best film Oscar, which 2012 film was the latest to acheive this?
Which 1927 war film spectacular was the first, helping to launch Gary Cooper's career?
Which 1941 British propaganda film is seen as the most unusual recipient of an honourary Oscar?
Usually dominated by Americans, there have only been two years where all of the big four (acting) Oscars have all been awarded to...?
Name one of these two years.
Which legendary actress has won the most best actress Oscars, with 4 wins?
Which similarly legendary actress has the most best actress Oscar nominations, with 15?
What is the name of the supposed curse which comes with winning best actress or best supporting actress Oscars?
As of 2014, which British actor (and knight) has won the most best actor awards?
Ironically, he stated 'that's the closest I'll come to ever getting a knighthood' when he was 'knighted' by which queen playing actress at the Oscars in 2008?
Although there have been several posthumous Oscar wins, only two have been award to actors, who was the first of these actors, winning in 1976?
Who, in 2008, was the second winner of a posthumous Oscar for acting?
In addition, 3 actors have posthumous Oscar nominations for best actor, name any of the 3 men.
To date, three people have refused Oscars. Which screenwriter was the first to refuse his Oscar in 1936, citing a union conflict?
Who was the second person to refuse their Oscar in 1970? The actor disliked the principles of the Academy Awards.
Who was the second actor, and third man, to refuse his Oscar in 1972? He was making a political statement against the treatment of Native Americans.
Which English king, portrayed by Richard Burton, Robert Shaw, and Charles Laughton, is the most nominated character?
That said, only two actors have won an oscar for playing the same character, Robert De Niro and Marlon Brando, who both played?
Which American actor appeared in only 5 films before his death, but all 5 were best picture nominations such as 'The Deer Hunter' and 'Dog Day Afternoon'?
With a staggering 26 wins out of 59 nominations, who has won the most Oscars in a lifetime?
Who was the first black actress to win an Oscar? Winning best supporting actress for Gone with the Wind in 1940.
Much later, the first black actor to win an Oscar did so in 1963, for Lilies of the Field. Who was he?
Who was responsible for the longest acceptance speech in Oscar's history, lasting 7 minutes.
Which Oscar winners are responsible for the shortest acceptance 'speeches', consisting of barely a few words of thanks?

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