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How many of the Royal Navy's Force H major combatant ships can you name?

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Unique Aircraft CarrierA new and pioneering carrier entering service in 1938 and known as a 'lucky' ship. Sunk by U-boat in 1941.
Unique Aircraft CarrierA unique carrier entering service in 1924, converted from the Chilean battleship Almirante Cochrane and heavily used early war and sunk by U-boat in 1942.
Illustrious-class aircraft carrierLead ship of her class entering service in 1924, her aircraft crippled the Italian fleet at Taranto. Survived the war and scrapped in 1956.
Admiral-class battlecruiserBritain's last battlecruiser entering service in 1920, obselete and in need of major refit by 1941, which was cancelled because of the Bismarck. Sunk by the Bismarck in 1941.
Renown-class battlecruiserLead ship of her class and entered service in 1916, hunted the Graf Spee and the Bismarck and then fought in the Mediterranean, Arctic Convoys, and in the Far East, survived the war and scrapped in 1948.
King George V-class battleshipLead ship of a brand new class of battleships entering service in 1940, she helped sink the Bismarck, oversaw the surrender of the Italian Navy's capital ships, and fought in the Far East, survived the war and scrapped in 1957.
Nelson-class battleshipNew and oddly designed battleship entering service in 1927, only British battleship class to have 16 inch guns, hunted the Bismarck and fought in the Mediterranean and in the Far East, Japanese surrender of Malaya took place aboard her, survived the war and scrapped in 1949.
Nelson-class battleshipEntering service in 1926, she helped sink the Bismarck and supported operations in the Mediterranean, and off Normandy, survived the war in a poor condition due to very heavy use, and scrapped in 1948.
Queen Elizabeth-class battleshipEntered service in 1916 and fought at Jutland, famous damaged by Italian Frogmen in 1941, later fought in the Far East, survived the war and scrapped in 1948.
Revenge-class battleshipEntering service in 1916 and smaller, slower, but better protected than previous British battleships, served Mediterranean Fleet, survived the war and scrapped in 1948.
County-class/Kent sub-class heavy cruiserEntering service in 1927, she intercepted two German blockade runners and invaded Iceland, with Force H, she faced off against an Italian heavy cruiser and defended Convoy WS-5A from the German ship Admiral Hipper in 1940, spent the rest of the war in home waters, survived the war and scrapped in 1948.
County-class/London sub-class heavy cruiserEntered service in 1929 and spent some time with the Australian Navy, in 1939 she helped with the scuttling of the German liner Watussi and helped search for the Graf Spee before taking part in the Norwegian Campaign, she spent the rest of the war in the Far East and accepted the surrender of Japanese forces in Singapore in 1945, survived the war and scrapped in 1950.,
Arethusa-class light cruiserLead ship of her class and entering service in 1935, hunted the Bismarck and fought mostly in the Mediterranean and later Normandy, survived the war and scrapped in 1949.
C-class light cruiserEntered service in 1918, a crewman won the first VC of the Mediterranean Campaign when the ship came to the aid of a hospital ship near Crete, which was under heavy attack from Stuka dive bombers in May 1941, she was sunk by German aircraft near Egypt, 1942.
C-class light cruiserEntering service in 1919, she helped rescue 4000 French refugees in 1940 and fought in the 1941 Battle of Cape Matapan, she was sunk in 1941 by German aircraft near Egypt.
C-class light cruiserEntered service in 1919, she took part in the Norwegian Campaign but was later sunk by the Italian submarine Axum near Tunisa when escorting the vital Operation Pedastal convoy to Malta in 1942.
Crown Colony-class light cruiserLead ship of her class, entering service in 1940, she attacked Dakar in 1940 and supported Malta, at the Battle of Crete she fended off a German air raid for two hours, until she ran out of ammunition, she was hit and sunk by those aircraft in May 1941.
Dido-class light cruiserA new anti-aircraft cruiser entering service in 1941, and escorted several ships including the USS Wasp on convoys to Malta, she also fought in Operation Pedastal, later she carried Eisenhower during the Salerno landings in 1943, she was sunk near the Channel Islands by German torpedo boats at the Battle of Sept-Îles in 1943.
Dido-class light cruiserEntering service in 1941, she escorted several Britishg capital ships and Malta convoys, and rammed and sunk the Italian submarine Tembien, later sunk by U-205 in 1942 near Egypt.
Dido-class light cruiserHer first task after entering service in 1942 was to reinforce Norwegian soldiers on Spitzbergen Island, and then escorted a convoy to Murmansk, in the Mediterranean in December 1942 she helped sink the Italian destroyer Folgore and 4 troopships, she later supported both the Normandy Campaign and Operation Dragoon, the invasion of Southern France, before supporting operations in Greece and the Far East, survived the war and scrapped in 1955.
Emerald-class light cruiserEntering service in 1926, she supported the Norwegian Campaign and the attack on the French Navy in 1940, fought in the South Atlantic and in home waters before supporting the Normandy Landings, survived the war and scrapped in 1946.
Town-class light cruiserEntering service in 1937, she actively took part in actions against many major German warships, she sank 2 of Bismarcks supply ships, fought in the Arctic Convoys, and damaged the Admiral Hipper and Scharnhorst, survived the war and scrapped in 1947.

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