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The word Invictus, comes from Latin. What does it mean?
What was the offical motto of the Invictus Games?
How many different sports were contested at the games?
Over 400 competitors took part in the games, how many nations did they represent?
Originally, 14 nations what fought alongside the United Kingdom in recent military campaigns were invited to the games. Which invited nation did not take part?
The first Invictus Games took place in which city?
Within that city, which famous sporting complex was used to host the games?
Which Royal championed the games?
The games takes its name from a 16 line poem about facing adversity with strength. Who, himself an amputee, wrote the poem?
The Invictus Games were inspired by a similar, smaller, domestic event in the United States, what was it known as?
Speaking at the launch, which figure stated that the games 'demonstrate the power of sport to inspire recovery, support rehabilitation and demonstrate life beyond disability'?
The same public figure, himself a war veteran, stated that a long term aim of the games was to commemorate British involvement and soldiers injured fighting in which country?
Which world leader described the games as 'a wonderful opportunity to recognise the commitment of those who serve in the United Kingdom’s and our allies’ Armed Forces'?
Which First Lady recorded a message for the games, which was played at the opening ceremony?
A number of celebrities supported the games, including which famous British actress known for her campaigning for Gurkha rights?
31,000 people attended the opening and closing ceremonies which were held where in the park?
Which world famous aerobatic display team was part of the opening ceremony?
Some of the cost of the games was paid for by a donation from which charity?
This donation was matched by the British Treasury, after Chancellor George Osborne pledged donating money generated from fines imposed on the banks because of what scandal?
Which prominent presteige car manufacturing company sponsored the games?

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