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Which British statesman was the half-brother of a wartime Prime Minister and recipient of the 1925 Nobel Peace Prize and famous advocate of 1930s British rearmament?
Which South African leader led a Boer unit in the 2nd Boer War, became a British Field Marshal, and served on both war cabinets and is the only person to sign both peace treaties?
Which 3 time Labour Party leader was the first Labour cabinet minister?
What position did he first hold?
Popular, and known for his integrity, devotion to the cause and unperturbability, what was he nicknamed by his colleagues?
Which key British statesman served as High Commissioner for Southern Africa and was important in the outbreak and resolution of the Second Boer War
Only 3 Conservative leaders have not led the party into a general election, who was the first?
Who was the second?
And who was the third?
Throughout the 20th Century, only two Conservative party leaders have failed to become Prime Minister, who was the first?
Who was the second?
Politico-economic union between Great Britain and France was famously planned by which Conservative party politican?
His plans were brought forward and suggested to the French by which unlikely Prime Minister?
A similar plan was offered by French Prime Minister Guy Mollet, which British Prime Minister rejected it?
In the in the inter-war period, when Austen Chamberlain described a European leader as 'a man with whom business could be done', whom was he referring to?
Which prominent British/Irish statesman was the only person to be buried in Belfast's St Anne's Cathedral and currently has a statue outside Stormont?
Which Scottish politican refused to resign his position of Minister without Portfolio after Labour left the Lloyd George coalition government, and was expelled by Labour?
Which Conservative politican, brought in by Lloyd George to assist the Great War effort, is best known for heavy tax rises and devasting defence cuts labelled as the 'Geddes Axe'?
Which Conservative Prime Minister is best known for his outspoken opposition to appeasement in the 1930s, but also for the complete failure of his 1950s Middle East policy?
Anthony Eden was unable to take over from which Prime Minister (who suddenly became seriously ill) because he was recovering from surgery in the United States?
Plagued by health problems, Eden was often secretly hopsitalised and he required a cocktail of drugs, this is seen as a reason for his bad judgement when he was...?
Which seen to be harmless 'wonder drug' was perscribed to Eden during the Suez Crisis, and caused insomnia, restlessness, fever and mood swings?
Which additional drug, banned in 1978, impaired judgement, caused paranoia, removed concepts of reality and well known as 'Purple Hearts', was perscribed to Eden?
'Big Beast' was the name given to which popular, well known Conservative minister?
According to the BBC, aswell as his long career, he is well known for what item of clothing?
He is the 5th longest serving British minister in the 20th Century, how many years did has he served?
At 24 years, who is the 4th highest long serving British minister?
Serving for 25 years, who is the 3rd longest serving British minister?
The 2nd longest serving minister was in officer for 28 years, who was he?
And who holds the record for the longest serving minister in a British office, at 29 years?
In a career spanning 50 years, in what year did Churchill begin his ministerial career?
What was his first ministerial position?
Which Conservative politican is the only British person to have been a cabinet minister and editor of a major daily newspaper?
What was the name of the first British Muslim woman to attend cabinet?
Traditionally, the Conservative party is associated with what university, which since 1955 has generatedat least 8 Conservative party leaders and 6 Tory Prime Ministers?
That said, in the 1980s/1990s, a number of senior Conservative politicans had attended which other university?
This prominent group was commonly known as the...?
Although none of this group became Prime Minister, one individual did become party leader. Who was he?
Whilst at the aforementioned university, he defeated which other famous member of the group in a society election, and would later contest Conservative party leadership with?
Which prominent Liberal Democrat economist was also arguably part of that group?
What was the popular nickname of the group of Conservatives, including Michael Heseltine, Lord Carrington and Ken Clarke, who opposed Margaret Thatcher?
Conversely, her supporters, including Michael Howard, Michael Portillo, Nigel Lawson and Norman Tebbit were known as?
Which Labour MP disrespected the Ceremonial Mace in 1930 by trying to leave the Commons with it?
In 1976, which famous Conservative MP was nicknamed 'Tarzan' after picking up and threatening Labour MPs with the mace in the House of Commons?
In 1987, which Labour MP was suspended from the commons and the Labour Party and fined after throwing the mace on the floor, damaging it?
In 2009, which Labour MP was suspended for picking up the mace live on TV, disrupting proceedings and cutting coverage?
Which high-profile Labour minister controversially held a tough stance on N.Ireland, introducing the SAS to South Armagh and advocating tougher security and more covert operations?
Which globally popular Conservative Foreign Secretary oversaw the end of the Cold War, and the First Gulf War, but was famously accused of being pro-Serbian in the Yugoslav Wars?
Which Northern Ireland Secretary lost his job partly due being goaded into singing 'Oh My Darling, Clementine' on the day of an IRA attack?
Which former communist and prominent Labour minister famously said 'better a broken nose than a bended knee' and 'I used to be a Communist. I used to believe in Santa Claus'?
Whose appointment in 1970 as Secretary of State for the Environment was notable in that he became the world's first environment minister?
Which Prime Minister is unique in being the only PM to competitively play first-class cricket?
The same Prime Minister is the last PM to hold office whilst being a member of what?
What is the offical residence of the Northern Ireland Secretary?
What is the alternative name given to the Parliament Buildings, the seat of the Northern Ireland Assembly?
The Welsh Assembly sits in a building called the Senate, popularly known by its Welsh translation, which is?
What is the alternate name for the Scottish Parliament Building?
As of 2014, which UK country has not recieved any devolved powers from central government?
What is the offical residence of the Foreign Secretary?
In 2014, it emerged that millions of pounds of what had been stolen from the site?
Under the 2010-2015 coalition government, the estate was shared between the Foreign Secretary and the...?
Which country residence is traditionally given to the Chancellor of the Exchequer
The Scottish First Minister traditionally lives in what offical residence?
Since 1921, what country house is the traditional retreat of the Prime Minister?
This residence was deemed to offer inadequate protection in the early Second World War, so Churchill was forced to which alternate, harder to spot from the air, residence?

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