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Although it varies, who traditionally lives at No. 10 Downing Street?
Who traditionally lives at No.11 Downing Street?
And who traditionally lives at No.12 Downing Street?
Smoking has been forbidden in the House of Commons since the 1600s, but what tobacco product is allowed and is traditionally provided?
What is the name of the Labour MP famous for cracking jokes at the Queen's Speech ceremony?
What famous figure summons the Commons to the Lords each year, only to have the door slammed in his face?
In the House of Commons, what is the name of the bell rang to announce that MPs have to vote?
Several statues of former Prime Ministers are in the lobby of the Houses of Parliament, traditionally, conservative MPs touch the foot of the statue of which Prime Minister?
What is the most senior position in the British legal system?
And he/she is appointed by the...?
Neville Chamberlain flew with which airline on his 'Peace in our time' trip to Munich?
What aircraft was used for the journey?
The trip resulted in the Munich Agreement, Chamberlain later made the iconic speech in front of that aircraft, what was its serial number?
Only 2 British politicans have served in 3 of the 4 Great Offices of State and NOT become Prime Minister. Who was the first man to do this?
And who was the second?
Name the fourth Great Office of State...
Name the third Great Office of State...
And the second...
And the obvious first...
Which Prime Minister served in the other 3 Great Offices of State?
Which Great Office of State has not been occupied by a woman?
Which Labour Commonwealth Secretary is the only person to have won an Olympic medal and also received a Nobel Prize?
He was a silver medalist in what Olympic event at the 1920 games?
He received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1959 because he supported multilateral what?
Name one of Britain's two female Prime Ministers.
Name Britain's FIRST female Home Secretary.
Name Britain's SECOND female Home Secretary.
Name Britain's only female Foreign Secretary.
Which Labour Prime Minister introduced National Service?
Which Secretary of Defence ended National Service?
Which Conservative Prime Minister encouraged the move, wanting to focus on nuclear deterence over large conventional forces?
And what was that Prime Minister's nickname?
And which American President was he related to?
And he was almost toppled by the....?
What major 1956 event led to the resignation of Prime Minister Anthony Eden?
Labour MP John Stonehouse infamously faked what in 1974?
In October 2012, Andrew Mitchell resigned as Chief Whip following an altercation with police at Downing Street. The incident became known as?
In October 2011, which Secretary of State for Defence had to resign over his dealings with Adam Werrity?
In 2002, which female MP revealed their affair with which man before he became Prime Minister?
Who was that man? He was heavily criticised because of his policies of moral absolutism when he was later Prime Minister.
In 1988, Edwina Currie was forced to resign because she erronously claimed that most 'most of British [..what..] production' was infected with salmonella?
Which Conservative politican compared the European Union with the Third Reich in 1990?
Which iconic political figure accepted a bribe in 1923 to lobby the British Government to allow BP to monopolise Persian oil resources?
What led to the fall of Herbert Henry Asquiths government in the First World War?
During the Second World War, Winston Churchill requested that what Australian animal be sent to Britain to boost morale?
Unfortunatly the animal, a favourite of Churchill's, died on the journey, but what was its name?
The animal was stuffed and was kept where?
Originally an insult, the Conservative Party nickname 'Tory' stems from Irish language, but did it first mean?
In 1906, which Prime Minister had three future Prime Ministers in his government?
Who was the first of these future Prime Ministers?
Who was the second of these future Prime Ministers?
Who was the third of these future Prime Ministers?
Which Prime Minister was nicknamed the 'Welsh Wizard'?
Who was Prime Minister when Downing Street came under mortar fire?
Who was the Prime Minister during the 'Winter of Discontent'?
Which Prime Minister started a library in 10 Downing Street?
What was installed in 10 Downing Street in 1937?
On the 14th October 1940, 10 Downing Street was hit by what?
In the 1960s it was discovered that Downing Street was not built with black bricks, what colour were the bricks of 10 Downing Street originally?
Now, they have been painted black, but what originally blackened the brickwork?
In 1902, the first car was driven into 10 Downing Street, who owned it?
In 2011 Larry the No. 10 Cat was given an offical title, what was it?
Larry caused a media frenzy when he attacked a...?
Which Downing Street Cat was known as 'the best mouser in Britain' and lived at No. 10 between 1973 and 1987?
Which Prime Minister is famous for being a lover of cats, the most famous of which were called Munich Mouser, Peter, and Nelson?

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