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QUIZ: Can you name the Battle of the Falklands Conflict.?

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Date:Battle name:Extra info:
2nd April 1982Argentina seizes control of the islands Beginning of the Falklands War
3rd AprilArgentina seizes control of Leith Harbour and Grytviken
25th AprilBritish Victory, South Georgia recaptured.
30th April - 1st MayBritish air raid, aimed at the main runway at Port Stanley Airport.
May (Planned)Cancelled SAS operation to destroy Super √Čtendard squadron of the Argentine Navy, based on the mainland
2nd MayControversial sinking of famous warship
3rd - 4th May (Planned)Air raid, near identical to the above
4th May Exocet attack on British vessel
13th MayAir raid, scrubbed due to bad weather
14th - 15th MaySuccessful SAS raid on airstrip
21st - 23rd MaySuccessful British landing at San Carlos Bay
21st - 25th MayMajor battle where British ships and aircraft help protect and establish a successful beachhead
28th - 29th MayFamous British victory involving 2PARA
22nd MayBritish vessel sunk by Argentine aircraft
23rd MayMinor naval action, Argentine tactical success
24th MayBritish vessel sunk by Argentine bombs
25th MayBritish vessel struck by Exocet missiles and subsequently abandoned
Date:Battle name:Extra info:
25th MayBritish vessel sunk by Argentine A-4 Skyhawks
28th MayAir raid, recalled
29th - 30th MayBritish victory involving SAS
31st MayBritish Mountain and Arctic Warfare Cadre defeat Argentine special forces
31st MayAir raid, failed attack on radar installation
3rd JuneAir raid, succesful attack on Skyguard installation
8th JuneDevasting Argentine air raid delayed British ground attack on Stanley by two days
10th JuneMinor battle involing 2 SAS and 4 Argentine Commandos
11th - 12th JuneBritish victory
11th - 12th JuneBritish victory
11th - 12th JuneDecisive British victory
12th JuneAir raid, successful attack on Argentine positions
12th JuneExocet attack on British vessel, which survived
13th - 14th JuneBritish victory
13th - 14th JuneBritish victory
14th June 1982Argentine forces surrender

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