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Can you name the Non-Bonaparte related rulers of Europe during the First French Empire (1804-1814, 1815)?

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NationSovereignAdditional Info
Holy Roman Empire (to 1807)Same person as number two but with different styling. Also King of Hungary
Austrian Empire (from 1804)Same person as number one but with different styling. Also king of Hungary
Russian EmpireEnemy to 1807, Ally 1807-1812, Enemy 1812-1814, 1815
Kingdom of PrussiaNeutral until 1806, Enemy thereafter
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland (Sovereign)Regency beginning in 1810 by son
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland (Prime Minister)1804-1806
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland (Prime Minister)1806-1807
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland (Prime Minister)1807-1809
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland (Prime Minister)1809-1812
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland (Prime Minister)1812-1827
Papal StatesTerritory annexed by France in 1809
Ottoman EmpireUntil 1807
Ottoman Empire1807-1808
Ottoman Empire1808-1838
NationSovereignAdditional Info
Kingdom of Denmark-NorwayUntil 1808
Kingdom of Denmark-NorwayNorway ceded to Sweden in 1814
Kingdom of SwedenOusted by coup d'├ętat in1809
Kingdom of SwedenRegency by Crown Prince Charles John beginning in 1810
Kingdom of PortugalIn exile in Brazil after 1807
Kingdom of Spain'Abdicated' in 1808
Kingdom of Spain1808, 1813-1829
Kingdom of EtruriaAnnexed by France in 1807
Kingdom of NaplesDeposed by Napoleon in 1806. Styled himself _____ III of Sicily until regained Neapolitan throne in 1816. Merged the crowns into the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies and styled himself ____ I.
Kingdom of SardiniaJust hung out on his island until 1814
Kingdom of W├╝ttembergElevated to Kingdom in 1806, was 6' 11' and 440 lbs
Kingdom of SaxonyElevated to Kingdom in 1806, also Duke of Warsaw (Duchy of Warsaw) beginning in 1807
Kingdom of BavariaElevated to Kingdom in 1806

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