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Can you name the Ren and Stimpy Characters?

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Is Usually Biting His LipToo Patriotic
''You Eeeediot''Chihuahua
''Happy, Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy, Joy''Cat
''You Know Sir; I Didn't Like It''Horse
''Do You Need Powdered Toast?''Superhero Toast Person
''Hi, Im ________ ____________.''A Mudskipper
''You guys like (whatever), I LOVE (whatever)!''Creeper
''Get Him''Senile Jailbird
''Don't Make Me Cry...''A Scotsman Who Beats His Dog
Powdered Toast Man's ArchnemesisEvil
''Ive Had It Up To Here With You People!''Hates Circus Midgets
'Sure thing uncle Hoek!'The Chihuahua's Lummoux Nephew
'Lint-loaf, I HATE LINT-LOAF!'Is Actually A Monster Called The 'Contonose'
Is Always Seen Wearing A Pink BlouseIs Unseemly Obese
Preaches About MeatHas 'Pity' And 'Self Pity' Tattooed On His Knuckles
Saw Phil Get The 'Big Sleep'A Blue And White Dalmatian
Rides Through The Sky In A CanoeIs The Shaven Idol of Yaksmas
He is most commonly seen in 'To Salve Or Not To Salve'Is Basically Every Job That Doesn't Have A Specific Character To It
'Daaarrrrrrr'A Dim-Witted Butler

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