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Ireumen Jungkook
geojitmariya you such a liar
Everybody say NO!
wae nae mameul heundeuneun geonde
One day, one night
Wow gibun joha geolchyeoboneun neoui dirty clothes
Yes you’re my only girl neoneun naege choego
hetgallige haji ma
Hello Hello, Hello Hello
(Still everyday) Bang it bang it, bang it bang it
I need you girl neon areumdawo I need you girl neomu chagawo
jjeoreo jjeoreo jjeoreo
neoui keonbeoseuhai
subete for you kotae nante
dasi Run Run Run nan meomchul suga eobseo
Butterfly, like a Butterfly
you you mu be kiddin’ me!
kadeuro mandeun jip geu sogeseo urin
I need your love before I fall
Forever ever ever ever
Mahni Mahni Mahni
Sorry bae!
geurae urineun extra, but still part of this world
Bogo Shipda
You worth it you perfect

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