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Can you name the ranks of the soldiers in The Unit?

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Name of SoldierArmy RankRank Given In...
Thomas R. RyanSeason 1 Episode 1: 'First Responders' As stated by Molly Blane.
Thomas R. Ryan (After Promotion)S4 Ep22: 'Unknown Soldier' Promoted to this rank.
Bridget SullivanS4 Ep8: 'Into Hell Part 2' As identified to Shadow 00.
Jonas BlaneS1 Ep8: 'SERE' As stated to his captors.
Jonas Blane (After Promotion)*S3 Ep2: 'Pandemonium Part 2' As stated at the dinner party.
Mack GerhardtS1 Ep8: 'SERE' As stated to his captors.
Charles 'Carlito' GreyS3 Ep8: 'Play 16' As seen on his uniform.
Name of SoldierArmy RankRank Given In...
Hector WilliamsS3 Ep8: 'Play 16' As given by Tom Ryan.
Bob BrownS3 Ep8: 'Play 16' As seen on his uniform.
Bob Brown (After Promotion)S3 Ep11: 'Side Angle Side' Promoted to this rank.
Sam McBrideS4 Ep15: 'Hero' As displayed on a monitor.
Elizabeth 'Betsy' BlaneS3 Ep10: 'Gone Missing' As stated by Jonas.
Elizabeth 'Betsy' Blane (After Officer School)S4 Ep8: 'Into Hell Part 1' As broadcast by the news anchor.

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