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Horses are measured in 'hands' (four inches). What height, in hands, is the cut-off point between a pony and a horse?
What is the name of the piece of equipment that can be used to stop a horse raising its head too high whilst being ridden?
From which side of a horse is it traditional to mount and dismount?
What is the proper term for the horse colour in which the horse has a brown body with a black mane, tail, muzzle and lower legs?
Which breed of horse, originating in England, is most renowned as a racehorse?
What colour are the majority of the horses used at the Spanish School of Riding in Vienna?
What is the name for a castrated male horse?
In which country is the Kyrgyz horse bred?
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Which sport is commonly described as 'gymnastics on horseback'?
Complete the name of the Natural Horsemanship trainer: Pat _____?
This ancient breed has contributed to the development of hundreds of modern perfomance horse breeds, and is still a popular horse in its own right, particularly for endurance ridin
This nutritious feed must be soaked for 24 hours before feeding
If your horse isn't getting all his fibre from grass (eg. if he's stabled), what alternative forage should you give him?
In dressage, what is the term for a difficult movement in which the horse trots on the spot?
What's the Latin name for a domestic horse?

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