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(A) French is one of Morocco's two official languages - what is the other?
(B) Complete the name of Africa's most aggressive animal - the Honey ____?
(C) What is the name of the dish that is very similar to shepherd's pie, but made with beef instead of lamb?
(D) In the book by Roald Dahl, who is 'the Champion of the World'?
(E) Name the legendary 'city of gold' that the Spanish conquistadors searched for in South America.
(F) What was the name of the doctor who created a monster in Mary Shelley's classic novel?
(G) 'Cochon d'Inde' is the French name for which animal?
(H) Which palindromic name of Hebrew origin means 'God's Grace?'
(I) What is the largest bone in a human pelvis?
(J) In which country can you find the city of Petra, named as one of the New Seven Wonders of the world because its buildings are carved into a mountain ?
(K) Ban Ki-moon is currently the Secretary-General of the UN. What was the name (including first name) of his predecessor?
(L) Which Australian bird uses its talent for mimicry to create complex songs to impress potential mates?
(M) Which mythical creature was said to have the body of a lion, a human head and three rows of teeth like a shark?
(N) What is the name of the oldest desert on Earth?
(O) Which name is shared by a South American river and a Womble?
(P) Which country was called the Carolines until it gained independence in 1994?
(Q) What is the surname of the mayor in the Simpsons cartoon?
(R) Which artist founded the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood in 1848?
(S) What is somnambulance more commonly known as?
(T) Which city is home to tourist attractions such as Busch Gardens and Florida Aquarium?
(U) What is the scientific term for an animal with hooves?
(V) According to the proverb, what does it take to raise a child?
(W) What is the Swahili word for children?
(X) What accompanies phloem to make up both parts of the mineral transport system in plants?
(Y) Which ethnic group makes up about 21% of the population of Nigeria?
(Z) Which metal is alloyed with copper to form brass?

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