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Can you name the Orange Archipelago Islands from the Pokemon series?

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Island NumberIsland NameAdditional Info
1A ferry goes to and from Pallet Town from this island
2A large island that is strictly a 'No-capture zone'
3The final destination for Pokémon Trainers who wish to participate in the Orange League, guarded by a Dragonite
4Home to the fourth and final Gym that leads to the Orange League
5Home to Captain Aiden who trains Wartortle, Squirtle and Blastoise to be firefighters
6Known for having lots of wild plants that Pokémon love to eat.
7Pokémon watchers come from around the world to see the pilgrimage and mass evolution of Magikarp here.
8Deserted island, location where Ash's Charizard battles Poliwrath
9A cultural center for the Orange Archipelago, hosts the annual Legend Festival holiday.
10Home to the legendary Zapdos
11Home of the legendary Moltres
12Home of the legendary Articuno
13Referred to as The Big Orange, also home to Butch and Cassidy's 'hypnotizing' hideout
14Gym Leader Danny is often found windsurfing at the beach here
Island NumberIsland NameAdditional Info
15Home to the Gym which is the first of four that leads to the Orange League
16Uninhabited, probably the location of the many Kabuto fossils discovered by Nurse Joy
17Known for its high-quality glassblowing shops
18Chain of islands famous for growing a particular type of citrus fruit
19Home of Marina and a tanned Nurse Joy
20Island where Ash meets Tracey, and where Ash catches his Lapras
21A natural wildlife preserve, surrounded by giant whirlpools and sheer cliffs
22Home to Pokémon researcher Professor Ivy
23This island has a museum dedicated to the history of the Orange League
24Home to a group of people that worship the Meowth of Bounty.
25Location where Prima of the Elite Four trains during the off-season
26Home to the third member of the Orange Crew, Rudy and his sister Mahri
27Famous for being home to many rare Bug Pokémon

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