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Pokemon HintsPokemon
A Glitch Pokemon
Was a avatar hat
Can learn solarbeam by level up
Would be good to use in Cerulean Gym
Don't Put me underwater
Joey Has Me
Out of the fully evolved kanto starters i have the highest stat total
Sunglasses are cool
I could live for 10,000 years if i wanted too
I can easly break steel
I am found more in Blue
I only can know two moves and i cant learn hm/tm
You may use me to defeat brock
I can't learn normal type moves
I am found more in red
Joey's first pokemon
I oddly learn a dragon move
Ash owns me
F.E.A.R me if you dare
I can bite through steel
I was a mystery gift in v2.9
Most pokemon are scared of me
I am very famous
sounds like Right You
You can't find me in red
I am the most famous gender difference
I evolve with the moon stone
I have the highest defence out of poison types in ptd
My Horn can pierce a diamond
Alot of anime rivals like to use me
I dance on monday nights
I have wings but i can not fly
I evolve with a fire stone
Dont grab my tail or i will curse you
If you fall asleep during my song i draw on your face
In pokemon mystery dungeon i can sleep with my eyes open
I will not let you move in caves
I grew eyes
I have two final evolutions one not in this gen
I drool
I am tilted nearly always
My name sounds like the first name of a celebrity
I hate fire types
I am so fuzzy
I am a Boss in Saffron City who is weak to nearly all other fellow bosses
I have feet somehow O_0
I can somehow use Slash
I can talk
My name is a breed of cat
Ow i have a headache
Pokemon HintsPokemon
I am a pig AND a monkey
I have a anger problem
I can't learn growl but my name has growl in it
I have no claws
You can see my guts
I wear gloves
I like to fight
To evolve me trade me
I am so smart
I can throw human adults
I can throw a sumo wrestler
I learn Dynamic Punch Later then anyone
I can eat things the size of caterpie
I can eat 5 trees in one day
I have the highest attack stat out of both my types
Zubat of the sea
Second highest special defence stat in this game
People may mistake me as a rock
When i evolve i lose two arms
Third highest defence in the game
I am a horse
I can run at a speed of 240 km/h
Slowest pokemon in the game
I may deevolve
Only steel type in the game
I am three pokemon joined together
I will beat you down with a leek
I have no wings but i can fly
One of my preevolutions heads split in two
My name is what i am based on
You may use me when trying for Articuno
Xrays from the moon + polluted stream =
I am a giant pokemon in one level
If it wasn't for me Razor Shell would be a exclusive move for oshawott and its evolutions
Highest defence stat in the game
I was also a avater hat
When my preevolution evolves i take damage for some reason
I was a full body avater outfit
When i am fully grown i am almost 30 feet
I eat your dreams
I can make you fall asleep
In spongebob squarepants _ _ _ _ _ _ patties are popular
I am one out of three who can learn Vicegrip in the game
Fastest pokemon in the game
I am 6 eggs
I am a tree
My mother got murdered :(
I will hit you with my Bone
My name is based on Bruce Lee
My name is based on Jackie Chan
I can't Lick but lick is apart of my name
I can make you cough
I can make you wheeze
Pokemon HintsPokemon
My bones are 1000 times harder then human bones
First Pokemon Created
Highest hp stat in the game
I am born with a baby in my pouch
I am adorable and my final evolution is the only non dragon not weak to dragon
My last move by level up is dragon pulse and i learn it at lvl 57
I learn waterfall by level up
My name was going to be Neptune
In pokemon ranger i am the only pokemon who can use the field move flash
I belong to Misty
I am called Mr. even when i am a girl
Fastest bug type in the game
I am one of the only pokemon that can use perish song
Found in only one place in one version
You can find me near volcanoes
Highest attack stat out of the bug types
In safari zone i am fast
You will get $1 for defeating me
I am a flying type yet i can't learn flying types moves
i have 0.1% of appearing in the wild
I am used for breeding
I can evolve into the most pokemon
I can turn to water
I am the second fastest pokemon on the game
Only fully evolved fire type who can't learn solarbeam
I am only available via the game center
Fossil Pokemon
My shell made me too heavy to move and i died
Bill dresses like me
My claws are sharp
I have a 4x weakness to ice
I am the smallest dragon type in the game
I am the only non fully evolved to be in rocket's hideout
I save people at sea
When x2 speed was put into the game dragonair evolved into me
You can not catch my shiny in the game
Gen 2 electric
Gen 2 fire
Gen 2 water
You can not get me :P
I have a special type of the move Rest
I can use Geodude's Magnitude but i am not geodude
I am a gen 5 pokemon
Where you can trade get the daily gift and get avatars
The creators of the game
The sequel
A creator thats actually been in the game
The creators other game

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