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What is Anthony's last name?
What is Ian's last name?
Who has been said to have a 'bowl' haircut?
Who/what does Ian hate?
Why does he hate him/it?
What is Anthony's girlfriend called?
What is Ian's girlfriend called?
QuestionsAnswersDid you know...
Who played Ganondalf?
What was their first 'gametime with smosh' video on their channel 'smoshgames'?
Who presents their weakly show 'smosh pit weekly'?
When did smosh start?They had a smosh webiste that Anthony set up in 2002 for a social website for him and his friends. The actual videos started in 2005. But that wasn't the beginning of smosh.
What is their most viewed video?
Complete the sentence; please, bring __________
It starts with F and it ends with UCK

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