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What does the air smell like in the neighboring town of Eagleton
What was the profession of Leslie's terrible date (played by Poehler's actual husband) in the episode 'The Set-Up'?
What brand is Donna's beloved car?
What African-American actor does Tom repeatedly compare himself to?
What university does Lil Sebastian have an honorary degree from?
What book does Leslie insist Anne read to prepare for an interview for a job in the Pawnee Health Department?
What book series did Pawnee resident Kelly Larson insist must be placed in a time capsule?
What was the nickname of the infamous possum that menaced the local golf course?
What is Ron Swanson's jazz musician alter-ego?
What phrases does Andy include in EVERY SINGLE song he writes? (you only have to name 1 of the 2)
What food is Ben universally mocked for liking?
What floor of Pawnee City Hall is regarded with horror by nearly everyone?
Complete the quote from the episode 'Telethon': 'The story of this dance is that it's called ___ ____.'
What fictional character matches Leslie's ideal date description?
Who plays the city attorney in the episode 'Kaboom'?
What is the name of Jean-Ralphio's multimedia company?
What device invented by Tom did Jerry accidentally kill (like everything he touches, goddammit) in the episode 'Sweetums'?
Where was Tom working when Leslie found him to 'assemble the team' in 'Go Big or Go Home'?
What's the name of Perd Hapley's TV show?
What items does April get at Food and Stuff in the episode 'Soulmates'?
What is the name of the local gay bar that hold a party in Leslie's honor in 'Pawnee Zoo'?
Complete the quote from the episode 'Media Blitz': 'Who doesn't have ___ ________?'
Which Parks department employee donated money to David Duke, because 'he promised to lower taxes'?
What is the name of the song Andy writes for Lil' Sebastian's memorial service?
What is April's favorite band?
What outdated website do multiple Pawnee residents profess to use in the episode 'Media Blitz'?
Who played Marlene Knope's long-lost love in the episode 'Galentine's Day'?
What disease does Chris discover he has in 'Lil' Sebastian'?
What's the name of April's younger sister?
What Pawnee department gets all the hottest interns?
What inappropriate object did Ron Swanson give to a young girl?
What Pawnee politican admitted to having had a four-way in a Brazilian cave?
Who is a 'perfect ten' on Ron's scale of attractiveness?
What does Tom call his luxury tent in the episode 'Camping'?
Who are the hosts of Pawnee's top morning radio show?
What item does Andy get at Grain n' Simple in the episode 'Soulmates'?
When a flu-ridden Leslie is introducing Ben to the Pawnee Chamber of Commerce, what does she call him?
What was the name of Pawnee's Venezuelan sister city?
Why is Ron stuck in his chair all day in the episode 'The Stakeout'?
Who played Tom's bartender girlfriend Lucy?
What's the name of the 'health bars' that Leslie eats to stay awake in 'Telethon'?
What is Tom's '140-proof' liquor called?
What famous coach does Ron emulate in the episode 'Go Big or Go Home'?
Who is the criminal mastermind responsible for vandalizing the statue of Mayor Percy every Halloween?
What is Leslie's favorite restaurant in Pawnee?
What evidence of Chris potentially cheating on Ann does Leslie find in 'Indianapolis'?
What actress played Ron Swanson's second ex-wife and is also Nick Offerman's real-life wife?
Where does Jerry suggest the department go to cheer up Tom following his divorce?
What verbal faux-pas does Jerry make in 'The Camel' that caused the rest of the department to mercilessly mock him?
What former basketball star was supposed to appear at Pawnee's diabetes telethon?

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