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The Original EnemyThe Silmarillion, etc.
The Tongue of NumenorThe Silmarillion, LOTR Appendices
The Battle PlainLOTR
______ the Worm: Slain by Fram, of the EotheodLOTR Appendices
Son of Fundin, Lord of MoriaThe Hobbit, LOTR
The Black GateLOTR
Son of Azog, Slain by BeornThe Hobbit
Light Gap, Cleft in the Pelori. Sight of TironThe Silmarillion
The Cottage of Lost ____The History of Middle Earth, Book 1
Heir of Thingol, EluchilThe Silmarillion
One of Elronds SonsLOTR
Lord of the Fountain; Warden of the Gate of Steel, Slayed and Slayed by #42The Silmarillion, Unfinished Tales
The First King of the NoldorThe Silmarillion
The Pillars of the KingsLOTR
The Prince of CatsThe History of Middle Earth, Book 2
Tower of the SunLOTR
Son of Hurin Thalion,self named TurambarThe Silmarillion
Slayer of Elendil and Gil-GaladLOTR
Tom Bombadil's pony (Possibly the Best Name Ever)LOTR
Daughter of Orodreth; Laid in Haudh en EllethThe Silmarillion
The Battle of Unnumbered TearsThe Silmarillion
The Spear of Gil-GaladLOTR Appendices
Mother of TuorThe Silmarillion
Warriors of KhandLOTR
Waybread of the QueenLOTR, The Silmarillion
Guild of the Jewel-smithsUnfinished Tales
Taur-Nu-FuinThe Silmarillion
____ the Unhappy; tricked by Sauron into betraying Barahir and his menThe Silmarillion
Founded by Aldarion, this haven was never finishedUnfinished Tales
Pillar of Heaven; Holy Place of NumenorAkallabeth
Lord of BelegostThe Silmarillion
Irons of Hell: Morgoths second FortressThe Silmarillion
The Guarded Plain of NargothrondThe Silmarillion, The Children of Hurin
Necklace of the DwarvesThe Silmarillion
ALL Seven Sons of Feanor, in alphabetical orderThe Silmarillion
Nicknamed the Deathless; Lord(s) of MoriaLOTR Appendices
Sword of Beleg/Turin; Ransomed from EolThe Silmarillion
Heart of the MountainThe Hobbit
Original Name of the Third People of the Elves: Later the TeleriThe History of Middle Earth, Books 1,2
High Captain of Angband/Lieutenant of MorgulThe Silmarillion
Father of the Werewolves; Slain by HuanThe Silmarillion, The Children of Hurin
Bar En DanwedhThe Silmarillion, the Children of Hurin
Messenger of Ulmo; Companion of VoronweThe Silmarillion
Captain of Cirith UngolLOTR
Son of Eol; Traitor to Turgon and GondolinThe Silmarillion
Enchanted River of DoriathThe Silmarillion
Daughter of Tar-Palantir, Forced into Marriage by her Cousin, Ar-PharazonThe Silmarillion, Akallabeth
The Great Ice Bay of the NorthLOTR Appendices
The 3 Kingdoms of the North, in order of LongevityLOTR Appendices
Haven of the SwansThe Silmarillion
King of the TeleriThe Silmarillion
Isildurs BrotherLOTR
Annon-in-Gelydh; Used by Tuor to escape Dor-LominUnfinished Tales
Ministrel of Doriath, Inventor of the first AlphabetThe Silmarillion
Elendil's Tomb, surrounded by the HalifirienUnfinished Tales
The Silent Street in GondorLOTR
Home of Radagast the BrownThe Hobbit, LOTR Maps
Daughter of Aldarion and ErendisUnfinished Tales
The 3 Houses of the Edain, in order of arrivalThe Silmarillion
Squire of Isildur; Delivered Shards of Narsil to RivendellUnfinished Tales

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