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DescriptionProgramDebut Year
Cat-like humanoids fight to protect a mystic sword from mutants1997
Robot lions combine to create a giant robot1997
Late-night talk show hosted by a superhero1997
Teenagers go on adventures in cyberspace1997
Humans use alien technology to fight off invasion1998
Spiky-haired aliens fight evil and collect magical orbs1998
Scantily clad soldiers protect the universe from evil1998
Robots shapeshift into animals1998
Superheroes team up to fight evil1998
CGI battles take place inside a computer world1999
Five samurai stop the lord of the Netherworld from conquering the world1999
Scientist accidentally creates crime fighting girls1999
Five teenagers protect Earth from evil aliens and androids2000
Giant robots fight an intergalactic alliance in space2000
Japanese schoolboy deals with a lot of girls2000
Extraterrestrial baby grows up on Earth with superhuman powers2000
Caped vigilante fights crime in Gotham city2000
Space cowboys inherit a ship and search for treasure2001
Detective investigates memory loss with the help of a giant robot2001
Boy with a monkey tail fights in tournaments2001
Ten-year-old girl must collect magical cards 2001
Teenager picks up where an aging hero left off2001
Rebels invent giant robots to wage a war of independence2001
DescriptionProgramDebut Year
Robotic animals battle in tournaments2001
Hamsters go on adventures 2002
A prince dons a magical sword to protect his fathger's castle2002
Giant robots compete in multinational fighting tournaments2002
Shapeshifting robots wage war on Earth2002
American soldiers protect humanity from terrorists2002
A samurai in the future attempts to travel back in time2002
Boy is trapped in a virtual reality video game2003
Chef fights off alien invaders and women2003
12-year-old boy controls a flying remote control robot2003
Post apocalyptic humanity fights off Angels using giant robots2003
Teenager is killed and resurrected as an Underworld Detective2003
Retired assassin wanders Japan 2003
Pint-sized robots and humans fight the Dark Axis2003
The third and final installment of Goku's adventures2003
Intergalactic war in a galaxy far, far away2003
Trading card battles revolve around five civilizations2004
The adventures of a robot boy with rocket boots2004
Actor and martial artist searches for talismans2004
Naturals and Coordinators wage war with giant robots2004
Giant robot is accidentally sent back in time2004
Teenager must find shards of magical stone to save the world2004
Teenaged superheroes struggle with being young2004

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