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PlotName of Episode
The gangs turns their bar into the hottest gay bar in town.
Charlie thinks he has a son. Meanwhile, Mac and Dennis try to pick up girls at the abortion rally.
The gang goes to the prom.
Charlie pretends to be dying so that the waitress will sleep with him.
The gang buys a gun to help protect their bar from being robbed.
Mac and Dennis try to pick up a girl whose grandfather died in the bar.
Mac and Charlie's former teacher goes on trial for molestation and the gang things Charlie was a victim.
Dennis runs Charlie over and tries to use his injury to win favor at the strip club. Also, Dennis and Dee's dad Frank returns and wants to join the gang.
The gang seeks revenge on a business developer who bought out half of their bar.
Dennis and Dee become addicted to crack in an effort to get welfare. Meanwhile, Frank stashes his money in Charlie's bank account and Charlie and Mac spend it all.
Dennis and Dee trying to get back at Mac for sleeping with one of their family members...
Dee and Charlie get into fighting (and supplements) when the gang gets help up on the street.
Charlie is sentenced to community service for arson and he and the rest of the gang get involved in coaching/reffing/betting on the community basketball league.
A puke stain in Paddy's that resembles the Virgin Mary helps the gang bring in some new business.
After they learn that politicians buyout their competition, they put Dennis up for comptroller.
To prove their patriotism, Charlie and Dee try to upstage the anti-smoking demonstrators.
Dennis and Dee realize that Frank isn't their biological dad. Mac and Charlie try to impress Charlie's imprisoned dad.
Mac and Dee decide to raise a baby they find in the dumpster. Dennis talks some trash while going green and befriending radical environmentalist groups, while Charlie and Frank go
Dennis, Mac, and Dee take part in the Philadelphia Eagles' open tryouts, while Frank drops acid and freaks out when he and Charlie (aka Greenman) tailgate next to the McPoyles.
Dennis inherits his mother's house and turns it into a party mansion, but the gang realizes they don't have any friends to party with.
The McPoyles seek revenge by taking over Paddy's Pub while the gang is trapped inside.
Dee realizes the other pathetic girl in highschool owns her own clothing store. Dennis tries to design dresses for the shop and Frank and Mac open up a sweatshop to make the dresse
The gang faces new competition in the pub crawl and Dennis and Charlie fight over the love of a young girl.
A restaurant chain wants to buy the bar but the gang fails to woo the buyer. Most of the gang end up working for that restaurant chain where the waitress is the manager.
In their quest to become famous, Frank, Charlie, and Mac, search for newsworthy footage to air on public access and Dee becomes the headliner.
Day Man, Night Man, and Chemical Toilet are no match for the local rapper that Dee is going out with.
There is a serial killer on the loose in Philly while Mac sneaks around with the transvestite.
A sex offender moves next to Charlie and he looks strikingly like one of the members of the gang. Meanwhile, Mac tries to reconnect with his dad.
PlotName of Episode
The gang finds a bag of drugs but after they 'flip it' they learn that it belonged to the mafia.
Dennis and Frank pretend to be cops. Charlie goes undercover. And Dee and Mac try to clean up the streets.
After Charlie puts up the bar as a prize for a dance off, they must win the competition to maintain ownership of Paddy's Pub.
Mac and Dennis hunt Cricket while Charlie and Dee try to figure out whether or not Frank fed them human meat.
The gang pulls up their bootstraps, oil up a couple of asses, and the do a little plowing of their own (Pow!) by trying to make money off an investment in gasoline.
The gang looks for models to put on their new advertisement.
Charlie manipulates Mac and Dennis when he accuses the two of them with sleeping with the coffee shop waitress.
When Mac's dad is realeased from prison, Mac and Charlie fake their own deaths to avoid him. Meanwhile, Dennis and Frank explore the new glory hole in Paddy's.
A piece of poop is found in Charlie and Frank's bed and the gang tries to solve the mystery.
The gang kidnaps the writer of a review claiming that Paddy's is the worst bar in Philadelphia and tries to force him to change his mind.
While Frank and Mac come up with ways to spice up Dennis' erotic memoir, Dee finds that spending time in Charlie's shoes is way more difficult than it seems, and vice-versa.
After Dee ends up in the hospital, she and Dennis start healthier lifestyles. Mac and Charlie look to gain health insurance in the corporate world. Frank ends up in the mental inst
In order to get Paddy's recognized by the city as a historical landmark, Mac, Dennis, and Charlie flash back to 1776 to tell the tale of the Paddy's crew's involvement in damaging
While trying to make their own dreams come true, the gang decides to pay it forward to the home of unlucky family living in the city only to have their plans backfire on them.
Day Man and Night Man return for the gang's new musical.
With housing prices down, Frank buys a house that the gang tries to 'flip' and Dee wants to pop out some babies for a little cash.
The gang's trip to the Grand Canyon fails miserably.
Mac and Dennis try to cut back Paddy's expenses by firing Dee and Charlie, and Frank figures out a clever way to keep the bar afloat.
Frank's drinking gets to be too much so the gang wants to stage an intervention.
Dee discovers that the waitress is getting married to her ex-boyfriend and plots to derail the wedding, while Mac, Frank and Dennis try to get Charlie back on the dating scene.
Fighting a series of traffic tickets, Dennis, along with the rest of the gang, tell the judge about their horrific experiences at Game 5 of the Phillies' world series.
The gang decides to put on a wrestling show for troops returning home while Dee courts a soldier who doesn't seem like the person she's chatting online with.
Charlie's new invention for cats gets the gang into the merchandising business.
Mac and Dennis realize they are spending too much time with each other, so Mac heads over to stay at Charlie's place. Meanwhile, the 'gruesome twosome' helps Dee get a cat out of t
Dennis presents his fool-proof plan for picking up chicks, but soon finds that the gang each has their own fool-proof plans for one-upping each other.
After Dee gets cast as an extra in the new M. Night Shyamalan movie, Mac and Charlie see a perfect opportunity to pitch their script, while Frank becomes a casting agent for Dennis
The gang seeks revenge on another bar after their 10 year ban in a local frat house beer pong tournament is lifted, but find they are in need of some serious practice.

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