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Forced Order
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What game is Charlie secretly good at?The Gang Gets Racist
When Charlie says that they had 'n***ers hanging from rafters,' what does the waitress call him?The Gang Gets Racist
What do the women (and Mac) at the abortion rally throw at Dennis?Charlie Wants an Abortion
Charlie (to his thought to be child): 'I will smash your face into a...into a ________!'Charlie Wants an Abortion
Who doesn't get invited to the prom?Underage Drinking: A National Concern
Who had sex with Dennis' promdate? (when he was actually in High School)Underage Drinking: A National Concern
What does the waitress wear that makes Charlie think she cares about people with cancer?Charlie Has Cancer
What 'girl' does Mac start to see that has a 'dick in her pants?'Charlie Has Cancer
Though he is initially opposed to getting a gun, who becomes the most trigger happy?Gun Fever
Who shoots Charlie in the head?Gun Fever
What football player does Mac talk about intimidating and possibly breaking his arm?The Gang Finds a Dead Guy
Charlie discovers that Dennis and Dee's grandfather was a what?The Gang Finds a Dead Guy
Who doesn't understand why he/she wasn't molested?Charlie Got Molested
What TV show did the accused molester star on as a principal in the 80s/90s? Charlie Got Molested

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