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Years ruledMonarchRoyal dynasty/house
c. 872–932Fairhair dynasty
c. 929–934Fairhair dynasty
c. 934–960Fairhair dynasty
c. 961–970Fairhair dynasty
961 – c. 980 (de jure)House of Knýtlinga/Earl of Lade
970–995 (de facto)House of Knýtlinga/Earl of Lade
1000–1013 (de jure)House of Knýtlinga/Earl of Lade
1000–1015 (de facto)House of Knýtlinga/Earl of Lade
1000–1015 (de facto)House of Knýtlinga/Earl of Lade
1015–1028St. Olav dynasty
1028–1029House of Knýtlinga/Earl of Lade
1029–1030House of Knýtlinga/Earl of Lade
1030-1035House of Knýtlinga/Earl of Lade
1035–1047St. Olav dynasty
1046–1066Hardrada dynasty
1066–1069Hardrada dynasty
1067–1093Hardrada dynasty
1093–1094Hardrada dynasty
1093–1103Hardrada dynasty
1103–1115Hardrada dynasty
1103–1123Hardrada dynasty
1103–1130Hardrada dynasty
Years ruledMonarchRoyal dynasty/house
1130–1135Hardrada dynasty
1130–1136Gille dynasty
1136–1155Gille dynasty
1136–1161Gille dynasty
1142–1157Gille dynasty
1157–1162Gille dynasty
1161–1184Hardrada dynasty
1184–1202Sverre dynasty
1202–1204Sverre dynasty
1204–1217Gille dynasty
1217–1263Sverre dynasty
1257–1280Sverre dynasty
1273–1299Sverre dynasty
1299–1319Sverre dynasty
1319–1343House of Bjelbo
1343–1380House of Bjelbo
1380–1387House of Bjelbo
1380–1412 (de facto)House of Estridsen
1389–1442House of Pomerania
1442–1448House of Palatinate-Neumarkt
1449–1450House of Bonde
1450–1481House of Oldenburg
1483-1513House of Oldenburg
Years ruledMonarchRoyal dynasty/house
1513-1523House of Oldenburg
1523-1533House of Oldenburg
1537-1559House of Oldenburg
1559-1588House of Oldenburg
1588-1648House of Oldenburg
1648-1670House of Oldenburg
1670-1699House of Oldenburg
1699-1730House of Oldenburg
1730-1746House of Oldenburg
1746-1766House of Oldenburg
1766-1808House of Oldenburg
1808-1814House of Oldenburg
1814House of Oldenburg
1814-1818House of Holstein-Gottorp
1818-1844House of Bernadotte
1844-1859House of Bernadotte
1859-1872House of Bernadotte
1872-1905House of Bernadotte
1905-1957House of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg
1957-1991House of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg
1991-House of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg

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