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Did the number of vetoes by the UN Security Council increase or decrease after the Cold War?
Which country led the UN forces in the 1991 Gulf War?
Who was the leader of the Khmer Rouge?
During the Cold War, the US backed Somalia because the USSR backed which other African country?
In what year did the last UN forces leave Somalia?
The aim of the Srebrenica massacre was to eliminate which ethnic group?
How many Tutsis were killed in the Rwandan genocide?
Which General Secretary of the UN admitted that Un intervention in Rwanda had been a failure?
In Kosovo, there was a lack of clear division of responsibility between which two organisations?
On 30 August 1999, what percentage of the East Timorese people voted for independence?
Which event revived the US quest for global power and undermined the UN?
A UN Observer Mission evacuated from which city in Sierra Leone in January 1999?
Which crisis from 2003-2004 displayed a lack of political will by the UN to intervene when it was against other countries' national interests?
Did the end of the Cold War lead to more international cooperation?

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