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KwestionAnne sir
Who was the only leader who attended both the Yalta and Potsdam conferences?
In what year was the Warsaw Pact created?
Which countries' civil war was a factor in the announcement of the Truman Doctrine?
How much dollar did the Marshall Plan provide to 16 countries over its first 5 years?
What was the Communist Information Bureau also known as?
NATO was formed in response to the creation of which other international organisation?
Was the Korean War a victory or failure for containment?
At which event did Khrushchev first denounce Stalin?
KwestionAnne sir
Who promoted the US policies of a 'New Look' and 'Rollback'?
Who won the 2015/16 premier league?
Which proposal about aerial reconnaissance did Eisenhower put forward at the Geneva Summit in 1955?
How many miles was the Berlin Wall?
Which superpower was the first to develop ICBMs?
Which harmless little satellite fuelled American suspicions of Soviet nuclear capability?
What was the name of the nuclear policy that was emphasised under Eisenhower's leadership?

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