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Eldest Lord child, Publisher of the Banner, longtime heroine
Youngest Lord child, Publisher of the Sun, ex-rapist, general n'er-do-well
Current Mayor, obsessed with her Cramer girls
Psychiatrist, famously gang-raped in college
Tall slutty southern belle, owns Capricorn
Spunky blonde, AKA Tess and Bess
Spunky redhead, long-lost Buchanan
Eldest Buchanan son, CEO
Middle Buchanan son, Commissioner
Teenage mother, has screwed up parents
Cop, always wears black
District Attorney, Jewish
Private detective and club-owner, frequently over-animated
Wife cheated on him with his son, who later died
Gang member turned cop
Aspiring artist, has basically dated every woman in Llanview
Dated his mother's arch-rival, then became a priest
Recently returned to Llanview following mother's death, works at The Sun
In love with the daughter of the man who raped his mother
Irish poet, deceased
Middle Lord child, ditzy and deceitful, but well-meaning
Recently murdered, pretended to be a Buchanan to get money
Youngest Buchanan son, surgeon, deceased
Gay cop
Attorney, latina
Dreadlocks. Objectively he is the coolest person to ever live in Llanview
Former Patriarch of the Lord family, an evil psychotic man
Cramer girl, Fashion Designer, now lives in Paris
African-American, has been in a coma for years now
Young boy, is basically his father's Mini-Me
British Butchanan butler
Adopted Cramer, lived on her own as a minor when her parents died
Vintner, killed by fall through a skylight
Eldest Cramer, spent most of her life in a psych ward
Waitress, spent 10 years as a single mother
Hair dresser, frequnetly misuses words and phrases
Teacher-turned-med student, recovering drug addict
Buchanan Patriarch, gruff but loving cowboy
Evil cult leader and religious fanatic
Dimwitted actor/conman, the bane of his family's existence

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