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Horton Matriarch
Horton Patriarch
Cop, actually a Kiriakis
Psychiatrist, possessed by the devil
Talk Show Host/Reporter, blonde
'Fancy Face'
Reporter, ex-villain, once pretended to be gay
Longest running African-American character on TV
First appearing member of the Brady clan
AKA Ryan DiMera and Forrest Alamain
Italian Crime Lord
Greek Crime Lord
Alcoholic, mother won't stay out of his love life
Redheaded restauranter
'Ghoul Girl'
Lost leg in Iraq
Has been married to stepfather for years
Former DiMera prostitute
Father forced into porn
Accidentally killed little brother
Former racecar driver, adopted Brady
Most recasted character in Days history
Lawyer, recently deceased
Former schemer, was a teen mother
Recently stabbed abusive husband in the chest
Boxer, frequently duped
Princess, lived in a swamp
DiMera servant and scientist
British super-spy
Married my high school sweeheart, then cheated on him
Psychic, calls everyone 'dahling'
Recovering drug addict
Died of pancreatic cancer (and actually stayed dead!)
Doctor, frequently cheats on husband
Constantly tormented by jealous little sister
Thought his son was his nephew for years, lives in Africa
Faked the death of half of Salem and put them on an island
Irish pub owner
British racecar driver and rapist

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