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continous gastrovascular cavity among members of the colony
feed by swimming to the surface and drifting down, trapping prey with nematocysts
contains stony, octocorals, and soft... stony secrete a cup of calcium carbonate
polyp only; no medusae
changes in direction are controlled by CaCo3 granules in the rhopalium
swim by rhythmical contractions of the bell; pulsations controlled by marginal bodies that have 'pacemaker' cells
contains one species 'tailor-made' to attack and kill vertebrates
sea anemones and corals
square shaped body
jellyfish (general, other than box)
box jellyfish
medusa-produces sperm or eggs; fertilised eggs produce planula larvae which form polyps; polyps asexually produce medusa which then detach
reproduces via a sexually dispersive medusa, solitary or colonial asexual polyp
more sophisticated than most jellyfish species- swim better and 8 of 24 eyes function extremely well (have lense and retina)
colonies form by budding rather than by detaching

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