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Can you name the best players of 1980?

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French Open Singles Champion (SWE)
French Open Singles Runner-up (USA)
French Open Singles Semifinalist (USA1)
French Open Singles Semifinalist (USA2)
Wimbledon Singles Champion (SWE)
Wimbledon Singles Runner-up (USA)
Wimbledon Singles Semifinalist (USA1)
Wimbledon Singles Semifinalist (USA2)
US Open Singles Champion (USA)
US Open Singles Runner-up (SWE)
US Open Singles Semifinalist (RSA)
US Open Singles Semifinalist (USA)
Australian Open Singles Champion (USA)
Australian Open Singles Runner-up (AUS)
Australian Open Singles Semifinalist (ARG)
Australian Open Singles Semifinalist (AUS)
French Open Doubles Champions (USA/USA)
Wimbledon Doubles Champions (AUS/AUS)
US Open Doubles Champions (USA/USA)
Australian Open Doubles Champions (AUS/AUS)
French Open Mixed Doubles Champions (USA/USA)
Wimbledon Mixed Doubles Champions (USA/USA)
US Open Mixed Doubles Champions (USA/AUS)
Davis Cup Champion
Davis Cup Runner-up
ATP Finals Singles Champion (SWE)
ATP Finals Singles Runner-up (USA)
ATP Finals Doubles Champions (USA/USA)
ATP Finals Doubles Runners-up (AUS/AUS)
Hobart Champion (ISR)
Auckland Champion (USA)
WCT World Doubles Champions (USA/MEX)
Perth Champion (AUS)
Baltimore Champion (USA)
Birmingham Champion (USA)
Philadelphia Champion (USA)
Richmond Champion (USA)
San Juan Champion (MEX)
Boca Raton Champion (SWE)
Sarasota Champion (USA)
Denver Champion (USA)
Salisbury Champion (SWE)
Lagos Champion (AUT)
Memphis Champion (USA)
Cairo Champion (ITA)
Washington Champion (USA)
Rotterdam Champion (SUI)
San José Champion (ARG)
Stuttgart (Indoor) Champion (CZE)
Frankfurt Champion (USA)
Nancy Champion (USA)
Dayton Champion (POL)
Milan Champion (USA)
Nice Champion (SWE)
Monte Carlo Champion (SWE)
New Orleans Champion (POL)
Palm Harbor Champion (AUS)
Houston Champion (CZE)
Tulsa Champion (USA)
Johannesburg (April) Champion (SUI)
Los Angeles Champion (USA)
Las Vegas Champion (SWE)
Dallas (WCT Finals) Champion (USA)
São Paulo Champion (POL)
Forest Hills Champion (USA)
World Team Cup Champion
Florence Champion (ITA)
Hamburg Champion (USA)
Rome Champion (ARG)
Munich Champion (FRG)
Manchester Champion (USA)
Brussels Champion (AUS)
Queen's Champion (USA)
Surbiton Champion (USA)
Vienna (Outdoor) Champion (ESP)
Gstaad Champion (SUI)
Newport Champion (IND)
Båstad Champion (HUN)
Boston Champion (USA)
Stuttgart (Outdoor) Champion (USA)
Hilversum Champion (HUN)
Kitzbühel Champion (ARG)
Washington Champion (USA)
North Conway Champion (USA)
South Orange Champion (ARG)
Columbus Champion (USA)
Indianapolis Champion (ARG)
Cleveland Champion (USA)
Toronto Champion (CZE)
Stowe Champion (USA)
Atlanta Champion (USA)
Cincinnati Champion (USA)
Bournemouth Champion (ESP)
Palermo Champion (ARG)
World of Doubles Champions (USA/MEX)
Bordeaux Champion (BOL)
Geneva Champion (HUN)
San Francisco Champion (USA)
Madrid Champion (ARG)
Maui Champion (USA)
Barcelona Champion (CZE)
Brisbane Champion (USA)
Tel Aviv Champion (USA)
Basel Champion (CZE)
Taipei Champion (USA)
Sydney (Indoor) Champion (USA)
Melbourne Champion (USA)
Tokyo (Outdoor) Champion (CZE)
Vienna (Indoor) Champion (USA)
Cologne Champion (USA)
Paris Champion (USA)
Tokyo (Indoor) Champion (USA)
Hong Kong Champion (CZE)
Quito Champion (ARG)
Stockholm Champion (SWE)
Bogotá Champion (FRA)
Taipei Champion (CZE)
London Champion (USA)
Bangkok Champion (IND)
Bologna Champion (CZE)
Buenos Aires Champion (ARG)
Santiago Champion (PAR)
Johannesburg (November) Champion (AUS)
Montréal (WCT Challenge Cup) Champion (USA)
Sofia Champion (SWE)
Sydney (Outdoor) Champion (USA)

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