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Distance Between Los Angeles to New York
Number of Wal-marts in the world
Height of the Kingda Ka
The fear of teeth is...
Capitol of Slovenia
23rd US president
Amount of Google searches per hour
Year North Dakota became a state
Number of People at the 43rd Superbowl
Odds of being killed by a dog
Number of GTAV Copies sold
1990 World Cup Winners
The year the dodo bird went extent
The number of words spelt wrong in the 1996 Websters Dictionary
The number of newborns given to the wrong parents dailey
Number of money saved by removing one olive in First Class on American Airlines
Possible number of ways playing the first four moves of chess
The number of light post on $10 bill
Number of ways to make change of a dollar
Percent of typing the average person does with the left hand

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