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Can you name the Clash of Clans?

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1st troop unlocked in barrack
2nd troop unlocked in barrack
3rd troop unlocked in barrack
4th troop unlocked in barrack
5th troop unlocked in barrack
6th troop unlocked in barrack
7th troop unlocked in barrack
8th troop unlocked in barrack
9th troop unlocked in barrack
10th troop unlocked in barrack
1st troop unlocked in the dark barrack
2nd troop unlocked in the dark barrack
3rd troop unlocked in the dark barrack
How much gold does it cost to find a battle with a level eight town hall?
What town hall allows to have three cannons?
How many archer towers can you get with town hall level 8?
How much does giant bombs cost?
How how many giants can die from a spring trap?
How much damage does a bomb deal?
What is the trigger radius of a bomb?
How many air bombs does it take to kill a dragon?
How much does the final upgrade for the hidden tesla cost?
How long does it take to upgrade your wizard tower to level 6?
What do wall breakers target?
How many wall breaker break through a level 9 wall?
What tier is the giant in?
Can you place troops on decorations?
How much do flags cost?
How many members in a clan?
How much does it cost for a minion?
How many Santa Surprises do you need to kill a level 9 town hall?
How much does it cost for a level 5 Rage Spell?
How many different clan symbols are there?
How many dragons can fit in four, level six army camps?
How long does it take to fully upgrade your gold mine from level one to eleven?
How many hit points does a level 9 exlir collector have?
Which has more hit points a fully upgraded dark exlir storage or a fully upgraded exlir storage?
How long does it take for an exlir collector take to fill up?
Does a P.E.K.K.A. fit in a level three clan castle?
What is the name to the 37th campaign mission?

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