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Can you name the sports terms and athletes that sound edible?

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rundown in baseball; common with sandwiches, both sliced inside and speared on the side 
4-run home run that makes me crave a certain Denny's breakfast 
short, quick shot from just off the green in golf; tasty in tiny chocolate form in cookies and as thin, baked/deep-fried potato slices 
hockey penalty for clearing the puck too far; applied as the ultimate cake topping 
also known as a supplimental draft pick, which comes between rounds; delicious food in infinite forms 
weight added to bat for hitters on deck; tasty pastry good for dunkin' 
lazy fly ball; form of packaged vegetable 
football block where offensive player flattens defensive player; breakfast staple with its own International House 
scrappy, hard-working hockey player; food aka hoagie or sub 
three consecutive strikes in bowling; centerpiece of Thanksgiving dinner 
general term for showboating athlete; eaten in copious amounts on July 4 in Coney Island 
a prospect's glimpse of their sport's top league; hot, caffeinated morning beverage 
MLB's Florida Spring Training League; bitter breakfast fruit once the focus of a short-term fad diet 
in basketball its a quick offensive drive with players usually outnumbering the defense; Reese's peanut butter & nugat filled, chocolate covered candy bar 
baseball catch where ball is sticking mostly outside/on top of pocket of glove; I scream for this frozen treat in a hand-held, specifically-shaped, wafer-like pastry 
one of the greatest outside linebackers in NFL history, he was a consistent force on Pittsburgh's Steel Curtain of the 1970's despite possibly being glazed and/or cured 
you may remember him as Cedric, but I prefer the tasty nickname of this small forward who played a key role in Celtics championships in 1981 & 1984 
the man with the highest batting average in MLB history; I prefer my corn on him 
Hall of Fame Red Sox outfielder from 1974-1989; usually the primary risotto ingredient 
Canadian hockey analyst with the most deliciously colorful wardrobe on TV; he always seems to be on top of the ice (cream) 
current outfielder for Oakland A's, also won World Series with Red Sox in '07; I bet he enjoys a certain chocolatey Kellogg's cereal 
eight-time All Star and one of only three players to suit up for all four teams with NY roots (Mets, Yanks, Giants & Dodgers); known more for hitting, I hope he Fields Forever 
three-time All Star and the first Jamaican born player in MLB; OF/DH who hit 350 HRs in his 19 year career; his Five Alarm hitting helped the Twins and Yankees win the World Series in 1991 & 1998/99, respectively 
first round pick from The U selected to three Pro Bowls in 2001-2003 as a Packers TE; surprisingly, he did not plump in certain Ball Parks 
USC guard selected 3rd overall in the 2008 NBA draft by the T'Wolves and immediately traded to the Grizzlies; his initials (at breakfast) and last name (on sandwiches and in certain salads) are delicious, but not at the same time 

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