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Can you name the characters from Telltale's The Walking Dead game?

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Main character who the player controls
Young girl found is the first person you come across after the outbreak
Helps you escape from Atlanta by giving you a ride in his car back to his farm
Owner of the Greene family farm, he is suspicious of your character
Father of the family you stay with in the barn, who you will have many fights with over the course of the game
Belgian wife of the family you stay with in the barn
Dim witted son of the family you stay with in the barn
Ex member of the US Air Force who becomes the leader of your group
Ex member of the US Army who has a heart condition and a very short temper... Especially with you
Feisty News Reporter who knows about your past
IT Technician who is handy with a whole manner of gadgets
Korean Pizza Delivery Boy who departs for Atlanta to find his friends
Woman who locked herself inside a motel room because she was bitten
Man who is shot with an arrow then loses his legs to the St Johns family... Tough break
One of the students from Stone mountain school who is either eaten by walkers or accidentally shot
One of the students from Stone mountain school who seems to make increasingly poor decisions for the group
Woman who was raped by who Save-Lot co-workers who also spies on Clementine
Hobo who lives in the boxcar of the train to Savannah
Wise cracking boyfriend who breaks his leg after jumping onto a moving train
Over cautious girlfriend of the couple you meet on the bridge
Ex resident of Crawford who is very self capable, she helps you fix the broken boat in Savannah
One of the St John brothers who you can leave for the walkers
One of the St John brothers who you can stab with a pitchfork
Mother of the St John brothers who meets her end via a zombified member of your group
Leader of the cancer survivors group near Crawford who helps you escape the sewers but eventually steals your boat
Member of the cancer survivors group who helps you search Crawford for supplies... before she is bitten
The mysterious man who kidnaps Clementine and keeps his wife's head in a bowling bag...

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