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Can you name the Main Characters of the game 'Metal Gear Solid'?

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Protagonist - Former Special Ops mercenary back out of retirement
Former Commanding Officer of FOXHOUND
Chief Engineer of Metal Gear REX
'Rookie' Soldier who was captured on Shadow Moses Island
Chief of FOXHOUND's medical staff
Chinese-American data analyst
Former drill sergeant of unit FOXHOUND
Ukrainian weapons analyst
Antagonist - One of the 'Sons of Big Boss' and our Hero's twin brother
Member of FOXHOUND - Gunslinger and a master of interrogation
Member of FOXHOUND - Native American shaman with incredible strength
Member of FOXHOUND - Deadly sharpshooter who has a great love for Dogs
Member of FOXHOUND - Former KGB psychoanalyst turned psychopathic psychic
Member of FOXHOUND - Master of disguise and an impersonation expert
Most decorated member of FOXHOUND, our Hero considers him to be his best friend
ArmsTech President
U.S. Secretary of Defence
Genome Soldier who was in charge of guarding the prison cells, suffers from diarrhea

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