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Protagonist who's Mantra Affinity is WrathAsura
Daughter of the protagonist who is captured by the Seven Deities who use her Mantra abilities to help the war effortMithra
One of the Seven Deities (Mantra Affinity is Melancholy) The game's second playable character who is Asura's longtime rivalYasha
Leader of the Seven Deities (Mantra Affinity is Pride)Deus
Blind member of the Seven Deities (Mantra Affinity is Greed) He is also the protagonist's former master Augus
Wife of the Protagonist who is killed by the Seven DeitiesDurga
The only female member of the Seven Deities (Mantra Affinity is Lust)Olga
The gigantic member of the Seven Deities (Mantra Affinity is Violence)Wyzen
One of the Seven Deities (Mantra Affinity is Vanity) He is the one who kills the protagonist's wifeSergei
The sole being who resides in NarakaChakravartin
The eldest member of the Seven Deities (Manta Affinity is Sloth)Kalrow
A young girl who follows the protagonist on his quest Girl
The figurehead of the society of Shinkoku who is brutally murdered at the start of the gameEmperor Strada

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