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Can you name the characters from the anime series 'Afro Samurai' and the subsequent film 'Afro Samurai: Resurrection'?

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Main Character
Main Character's Alter Ego
Main Character's Father
Childhood Friend Turned Love Interest
Main Character's Teacher
Best Friend Turned Rival
Childhood Friend of the Main Character Who is Killed in the Attack on the School
Main Villain of the Series Who Killed the Main Character's Father
Doppelgänger and Robotic Clone of the Main Character
Leader of the Empty Seven with a Golden Arm
Scout for the Empty Seven, Usually Carrying a Pair of Binoculars
Laid Back Member of the Empty Seven, Always Listening to Music Through His Headphones
Member of the Empty Seven Who Wore a Wide Metal Hat and a Dark Green Robe
Sadistic Member of the Empty Seven Who Wore Plain White Robes and Smoked a Pipe
Massive, Muscular Member of the Empty Seven Who Wielded a Muthafuckin' RPG in his Muthafuckin' Backpack
An Insane Cyborg Scientist Who Was Employed by the Empty Seven to Build Their Machine-Ninja Army
The Possessor of the Number Two Headband Before the Main Character Reluctantly Kills Him and Takes It From Him
Villain of Afro Samurai: Resurrection
Henchman From Afro Samurai: Resurrection, He Wears a Noh Mask to Conceal His Robotic Appearance, He Carries a Boombox That Fires Metal Spikes
Henchman From Afro Samurai: Resurrection Who Cannot Speak, He Wears a Cloak and Dragon Mask Which Fires Flames to Conceal His Robotic Appearance
Henchman From Afro Samurai: Resurrection, She Wields a Shamisen That She Has Converted Into a Weapon and has Jet Propelled Feet That Allow Her To Fly

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